How one Practice is Using Intiveo to Manage Patient Care During the Pandemic

Appointment Reminders

Whether your practice is still taking appointments, or planning an impending re-opening, things certainly aren’t “business as usual” when it comes to seeing patients. Here’s how one Intiveo customer is creatively using our software to more safely assess and treat their patients during the pandemic.

By implementing a “curbside waiting room,” this practice keeps incoming patients at a distance until a few key health questions are addressed.  For the safety and comfort of all, patients wait in their cars and are directed to text when they arrive. An automated sequence keeps this process orderly. Here’s a template for reference:

Hello {first_name}, to help keep our office safe we ask that you text us once you have arrived. Please wait in your parked car until we are ready to see you.’


The patients are then texted through the practice’s Intiveo platform, to indicate when they are allowed to come in. This keeps phonelines clear and allows a single office manager to manage text conversations with multiple patients at a time. Ahead of appointments, text confirmations with screening questions can help to ensure the limitation of exposure from patients with risk factors. A template might look something like this:

Hello [First Name]. This is a reminder from [Company Name]. Text back “C” to confirm your appointment. **Please call [Telephone] ASAP to reschedule if any of these apply to you: 1) You or a housemate have a cough, fever, or shortness of breath 2) You traveled outside the country in past 2 weeks 3) Someone in close contact has been diagnosed with COVID-19


Some creative thinking and smart use of Intiveo’s automated messaging tools is helping this practice safely manage patient care, so they can continue to offer their services. 

Interested in setting up custom messaging with Intiveo? You can reach a member of our care team, here.


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