It’s Not One Size Fits All. Introducing Intiveo OMS.

At Intiveo, we’ve worked with hundreds of OMS practices and understand that they operate very differently from General Dentistry. To ensure successful procedures, we have to understand a patient’s entire treatment plan and to deliver the right message, when patients need it. That is why we’ve combined years of industry knowledge and product development to build a comprehensive solution suited specifically for the needs of OMS. We’re very excited to introduce Intiveo OMS, a patient communication software built with the complex communication needs of OMS practices in mind.

Intiveo OMS is designed to handle all of the intricate procedure-based communication required by OMS practices and we’ve been working with hundreds of our OMS customers to tailor this solution to ensure it meets their needs.

And our clients are seeing great results. We recently ran a study with a large sample of our OMS clients and they’re seeing real tangible results such as:

  • 75% reduction in to unsuccessful appointments due to unprepared patients
  • Saving average of 2 hours a day on phone calls and voicemails per office
  • 75% increase in patient confirmations
  • 50% increase in form completion prior to the appointment
  • 2x increase in social reviews

It’s terrific to see that our product is helping our valued customers so much, and we’re just scratching the surface. 

Check out this 2 minute video to learn more 


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