Invest In A Patient Communication Software For Your Practice & Watch Your Profits Grow

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As we all know, patient communication has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The days of handwritten notes, lengthy phone calls, and faxes are long gone. Today, patients expect effective communication from their dental providers and they won’t hesitate to switch to another practice if they don’t get it. 

This is where software comes in! Patient communication software is essential to your practice because it can help you build trust with your patients and increase their overall satisfaction. When you focus on creating more personal experiences for your patients, your credibility rises within the dental community – ultimately leading to loyal patients who return again and again. 

But how can a single software boost your practice’s profitability? Let’s see what happened at Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre when they made the digital switch to Intiveo!

What Happened When Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre Made The Switch?

Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu of Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre has been an Intiveo customer for the past couple of years. Mr. Sidhu went on to explain that before he took over Blue Water Dental in 2021, the dental practice was still using paper charts and manually compiled and reviewed 2500 charts each year. 

When it came to communicating with patients, the practice sent and received numerous phone calls each day. One could only imagine that as their patient roster grew, it became harder and harder to keep track of every single exchange.  

With the switch to Intiveo, both of Mr. Sidhu’s clinics, Blue Water Dental and Lighthouse Dental Centre saw a great number of improvements. These improvements were evident in the following four outcomes.

Outcome One: Improved Staff Efficiency And Reduced Operational Costs

It comes as no surprise that staff satisfaction is one of the most important factors in running a successful dental practice. A happy dental team will often be more productive and efficient than a team in a high-stress environment – and higher efficiency leads to more time to focus on providing quality care for every single patient! 

Originally, the team at Blue Water Dental were charting and filing everything manually, calling patients on the phone, and leaving them voice messages that were often unreturned – not exactly ideal tasks for happy workers! This repetitive process was time-consuming, inefficient, and stressful for their staff. Upon realizing that these manual tasks were costing more than just time, Mr. Sidhu determined that it was worth the investment to automate and gave Intiveo a call. He was impressed with how easy the software was to set up and navigate, even though staff at both clinics had never used a patient communication system before. 

In turn, investing in patient communication software allowed Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre to automate their appointment reminders, recall system, and social reviews, saving them money and time – as well as improving patient engagement rates! 

Outcome Two: Say Goodbye To No-Shows With Whopping 92-100% Patient Confirmation Rates 

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for a patient canceling or rescheduling an appointment is because they didn’t receive a reminder? Research shows that 37.6% of patients reported they often forget about their appointments or weren’t aware they had one in the first place. No-shows have been known to cost the dental care industry millions of dollars annually and can easily be avoided with the help of appointment reminders. 

Does this mean that if you’re not sending automated reminders, you’re missing out on a significant number of appointments? Yes! 

The best way to increase confirmation rates is by using patient communication software built to handle not only your dental practice’s needs but also your patients’. In addition to confirming appointments more frequently, this type of software would allow you to send customized messages and can help you communicate with patients using information and instructions relevant to their treatment plans. 

Staff members at Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre used to rely on patients to call them back to confirm appointments, but now, they can be proactive in making sure that patients are equipped with the information they need for their upcoming procedures. This is huge because it gives patients ample time to cancel or re-schedule their appointments if they need to, and staff are given time to fill any open slots. Don’t believe us? Both dental clinics saw increases in patient confirmation rates and have reduced their no-show rates by over 90%! That’s right, both dental practices are currently sitting between 92-100% in appointment success rates. 

Outcome Three: Patient Reviews Have Nowhere To Go But Up!

Before using Intiveo, staff over at Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre often got caught up in manual administrative tasks and didn’t have time to ask patients for feedback and online reviews. We can recognize this as a big problem because these days, a growing community of patients are taking to review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to express their opinions about dental practices. In fact, what patients say about your dental practice online can affect your profitability because nine out of ten people make an effort to read reviews before entering an establishment! 

However, online reviews have become a great platform for patients to voice their positive experiences or concerns with others – and can be an enlightening way for dental professionals to improve their quality of care. The key is to ask patients about their experiences while it’s still fresh in their minds, specifically, right after their appointments. With the help of the Social Reviews tool, Lighthouse Dental Centre saw feedback response rates of close to 55% in less than six months.

Automate your patient feedback process and watch your online reviews soar. 

Are You Ready To Enhance Your Dental Practice?

At Intiveo, we do what we do because we believe that patient communication is the backbone of all dental practices. It’s the way your team interacts with patients, connects them to their treatment plans, and provides a seamless experience from start to finish. 

If you want to see how patient communication software can help you better interact with your patients, increase revenue, and enhance patient retention, book a meeting with us today!