Optimizing Patient Communication for New Health Regulations

Re-opening your dental practice is just the start. How you safely care and communicate with your patients is the next big challenge. 

While it is still unclear what the future may look like, communicating with patients is essential during this next stage.

With dental practices now entering a new phase of business, they are trying to adhere to new health regulations while also maintaining excellent service. It can be a hard act to juggle, especially when recommendations include limiting contact with patients as much as possible. 

Here at Intiveo, we have heard many similar concerns of how best to communicate with patients, while maintaining these new health regulations. 

In order to help combat these challenges, our team has been hard at work enhancing our product features. Our goal with these new improvements is to help practices innovate how they communicate with their patients, while adhering to the new physical distancing protocols. 

Some of the enhanced features include:

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Optimize new check in procedures with real-time communication.

Practices can now implement a virtual waiting room experience with our two-way texting feature. For example, they can require patients to text the practice upon arrival and the front desk can use two-way text to communicate with patients in their predetermined waiting area.

Pre-Screen Wellness Surveys 

Get information from patients prior to their visit. 

These surveys are a great tool for accessing patients that are showing symptoms and for rescheduling. This kind of precaution will help both practices remain safe, while reassuring staff and patients their commitment to adhering to new health regulations.

Enhanced Notifications for Practice Updates and Appointment Reminders

Communicate key information to your patients ahead of time.

With our automated and customizable updates feature, practices can send new process reminders to ensure that patients are equipped with the information they need to follow protocols.

These are only some of the new product enhancements Intiveo has been working on. Check out our software page to learn more about how Intiveo’s Patient Communication Software can improve patient communication for every touchpoint in the circle of care.

Click here to get started for free with Intiveo, and discover how our patient communication software solutions can improve care at your practice!


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