Resume Play: A Playbook for Patient Communication in the New Normal

With shelter-in-place restrictions lifting across the country, many dental practices are planning for reopening their doors to patients. Advice has come in from an array of professional sources to provide practices with support ranging from business advice, to disinfecting procedures. 

With our expertise in building strong lines of communication between dental practitioners and patients, we’ve put together a helpful resource to guide you through building an effective patient communication plan with personal touches, to ensure your patients are treated how they want to be treated throughout this process.

You can expect that things will be different when you restart your practice, and we’re committed to helping you stay connected with your patients as things evolve. But one thing that won’t change, is the importance of clear, regular patient communication. Download our guide “Resume Play: A Playbook for Patient Communication in the New Normal” by following the link below, to read up on staying connected with patients during your closure, preparing for reopening, and adjusting your practice to the “new normal.”


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