Use Cases and ROI of Intiveo OMS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practices operate very differently from General Dentistry. There are a multitude of complex procedures, each with their own pre- and post-operative care instructions. Reaching these patients with the right information at the right time can be crucial for successful treatment and recovery. 

Communication is key when guiding patients through these complex oral surgeries. Fortunately, the right communication tool can greatly benefit both the practice and the patient experience. For example, a solution built specifically for OMS can better prepare patients for their procedure, save staff time, increase efficiency and confirmation rates, and ensure that patients have all the information they need throughout every step of their surgical journey. 

OMS practices need more than the features commonly used in General Dentistry. OMS practices need a comprehensive and tailored communication tool that can help them easily guide their patients through complex oral surgeries.

This is where Intiveo OMS comes in. In this guide, we share:

  1. Top 5 OMS communication challenges that Intiveo solves
  2. Real client use cases with proven ROI
  3. How Intiveo compares to general dentistry solutions

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