Intiveo Had a Great Time at Southwest Dental Conference

Intiveo at Southwest Dental Conference

A Little Bit About Southwest Dental Conference

This past weekend, Intiveo had the pleasure of attending the Southwest Dental Conference. Hosted every year in Dallas, TX, the SWDC is in its 96th year. This year’s theme was ‘Refresh, Renew, Reconnect’. Featuring visionary guest speakers addressing diverse issues from personal wellness and sustaining a positive work life, this year’s conference offered amazing opportunities for connection. One of the highlights of this conference, every year, is the Exhibit Hall, where state-of-the-art dental technology is on display.

Two members of Team Intiveo, Randeep Babu and Greg Monette, were on the ground at SWDC – let’s catch up with them to hear more!

Embracing the Themes

Our team got to talk to a wide variety of dental professionals, both from general practices and a number of specialties. This is the kind of variety that we really love at Intiveo, since our product is adaptable to the needs of GPs and specialties alike. “Our procedure-specific software stands out,” as Greg points out. 

Randeep notes that part of what was unique about SWDC was that most of the attendees were from Texas and the nearby states. A lot of meaningful conversations were had! There were lots of opportunities to truly embody the theme of reconnection set out by the SWDC. 

Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Socks

One of the great things about any trade show are those moments to have personal, face-to-face moments. As Greg notes, “it’s totally different cold-calling offices”. Nothing beats those in-person conversations. And sometimes those face-to-face moments just boil down to something simple – like a great pair of socks. Randeep was happy to see the “good traffic” from Intiveo’s bright blue socks, dotted with pearly whites. “At least one dentist was wearing them on day two!” Greg says. 

Making those connections goes beyond trying to make a sale. These are key moments where the Intiveo team gets to hear from dentists and office managers alike about the issues that they’re dealing with every single day.  

Missed Us at SWDC? Let’s Connect.

Renew, refresh, reconnect – the theme from this year’s Southwest Dental Conference are words to live by. At Intiveo, this is a theme we take seriously. Our software is designed to renew and refresh the experience dental practices create for their patients, and to connect them through great patient engagement. Practices who made the switch to Intiveo report great results, including:

  • An 86% increase in patient confirmations, through appointment reminders that are customized to that patient and their appointment type
  • A 76% average recall success rate through Intiveo’s recall and reminder system
  • An average of 3 hrs./day in time savings for staff due to streamlining and efficiency boosts on daily, manual tasks

Did you miss the conference and are curious to learn more about how Intiveo can transform patient experiences? We’d love to chat. Book a meeting today.

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