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This software has been a real game changer for how we run our businesses. We introduced Intiveo into our two offices, and it has streamlined our patient communication while also decreasing our overhead considerably.”

Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu D.D.S. 

90% reduction
in no-shows

We’ve introduced Intiveo into our two offices, and it has streamlined our patient communication while also decreasing our overhead considerably by automating our recall system. This software has been a real game changer for how we run our businesses and I’d like to share how we used it to enhance our business strategies.  

Blue Water Dental originally was established over 40 years ago, and before I took over in early 2021, they were still using patient charts. Every year or so, they would go through the arduous task of pulling over 2500 charts, and one by one, they review the last time a patient had been in the office for a recall exam.  This was cumbersome, inefficient, and a nuisance to the patients to receive phone calls vs. emails or text messages.  

So, I made the call to switch the office to digital, and we went through all the charts and updated the continuing care for every patient. Was it difficult for the established staff to learn the new system? Not at all! Intiveo was great at working with our software company Dentrix to seamlessly integrate with our server to get us up and running very quickly.  

Intiveo offered us in-program support, 
blog articles, live support chats, and workshop resources to make sure the staff knew exactly how to use the new software. The in-program support meant the answers we needed were always at our fingertips, and the live support chat meant we could get personalized answers to our questions in real-time. The blog articles included tips on how to improve our business and offered solutions to common practice problems. This open communication gave us many opportunities to improve our workflow and help our practices thrive.

Specifically these changes allowed us to:


Blue Water Dental & Lighthouse Dental Centre

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

200% increase
 in patient reviews

92% - 100%
 confirmation rate

  • Stay connected to our patients through custom messaging options, including newsletters, email, and text chats. 
  • Make practice-wide announcements to keep our patients engaged during the COVID-19 shutdown and announce our new policies for our return. 
  • View KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboards and monitor the health of our practice.

Our confirmation rates at Blue Water Dental and my other office, Lighthouse Dental Centre, are now typically between a 92-100% success rate.  Patients are very aware that we need them to confirm their appointments. We send out reminders so that patients will get emails a week before their appointment, giving them plenty of time to cancel their appointment if they need to. This allows us to have ample time to reschedule their visit and fill that opening.  

We can track exactly how many new patients we see in any given month, and we can see how many recall patients are overdue and which ones are coming overdue soon, which allows us to stay on top of our unscheduled lists. We will send patients customized emails and texts based on if they are one month, three months, six months, or one year overdue for their hygiene visits. 

Testimonials are essential to our business authority and help prospective customers to have more confidence in our businesses. Online reviews improve our reputation and help us market our brand.  But, while boosting online presence is essential, the collection of testimonials and reviews can be challenging.

Before Intiveo, the staff didn’t have the time to set up and promote testimonials or review collection campaigns. So, we really needed to find a more efficient way to get reviews. With 
Intiveo, we were able to set it up automatically to collect testimonials and reviews to get glowing praise from customers around the clock!

As a business owner, if patients don’t know we’re looking for testimonials, we know we are unlikely to get them, regardless of how many loyal fans and followers we may have. We knew it was essential to reach out to our patients via email, SMS, social media, and in-person to create a strategy to maximize our review process.

Our response rate at Lighthouse Dental Centre is close to 55%, which has let us grow our reviews to double their size in over six months! Giving customers the freedom to submit a testimonial or review on their own time not only removes effort on our part, but we believe it also makes patients more comfortable submitting a testimonial.

From a return-on-investment perspective, having multiple automated appointment reminders from different platforms to send to patients has been extremely beneficial. We send patients a reminder one week prior, three days, and 120 minutes before their scheduled appointment,  dramatically reducing patient missed appointments.

Patients can confirm, cancel, or ask for additional help through text messages. If a patient cancels, the receptionist can call to reschedule their visit or communicate through text. In addition to primary care appointment reminders, patients can get reminders for other related appointments (e.g., crowns, fillings, Invisalign, etc.). Using Intiveo, we have been able to reduce our no-show rate by over 90%. With fewer due or late patients, and fewer canceled or missed appointments, our practice has benefited from happier and healthier patients, as well as a more productive staff.  

Patient recall for us has been essential in growing our practices. 
Statistics show that 35% of revenue can be generated from the hygiene department alone. With Intiveo, we have reduced the number of due and late patients, keep our schedules full, and been able to bring in revenue without the additional cost of having to market to new patients if we chose not to.

Integrating Intiveo into our practices has given me more time to master my craft personally and reduced my in-office commitments towards managing numbers and staff.  Intiveo is a great practice builder and I have recommended it to various colleagues and I believe it can dramatically enhance any practice that does not have an effective messaging solution like Intiveo!

Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu D.D.S.
Langley, British Columbia, Canada


This customer testimonial was written by Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu from Blue Water Dental and Lighthouse Dental Centre. He has been a customer at Intiveo for the past year and wanted to share his experience working with the software.

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