Boisson Dental Group

Boisson Dental Group is a full scope of general practice with expertise ranging from porcelain veneers to crowns, dental implants, and orthodontics - located in Grand Prarie, Alberta.

“With Intiveo’s feedback surveys, we’re able to have a better understanding of our patient’s wants and needs and on top of that - at least 50% of our patients are leaving positive online reviews!”

Sheri, Front Desk

50% of patients
are writing positive online reviews

Before switching to Intiveo three years ago, the clinic was using Recall Max to handle all of their patient communication needs. However, Boisson staff still struggled with confirmation rates, particularly when it came to getting patients to respond to phone calls and emails. For example, there were many open appointments at the clinic, but not enough time to call all the overdue patients.

Now with Intiveo, Boisson Dental Group has been able to streamline and automate their recall process.

With Intiveo, Boisson Dental Group have seen a great number of successful outcomes:

90% recall success rate. With automated recall reminders in place, Boisson was able to alert their patients when it was time come back to the clinic!

90% patient confirmation rate. With Intiveo, patients at Boisson Dental Group were able to easily confirm their appointments using the 2-way chat system we have in place.

World-class patient communication technology. Boisson Dental Group improved their response rates by automating and simplifying their recall process.

50% of patients are writing positive online reviews. With the help of the Social Reviews add-on, the clinic was able to automate direct feedback requests from their patients while their experience was still fresh in mind, prompting 50% of happy patients to leave online reviews.

At least 3 hours of time saved/day! With Intiveo’s automated reminders, Boisson staff no longer had to spend hours manually calling each patient on the schedule.



Boisson Dental Group

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90% confirmation 

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90% recall
success rate

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