Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila

"We used to call our patients one by one to confirm their appointments. This could take us a whole morning and often all day. Since we’ve gotten access to Intiveo software, we find it easier to manage our time … It’s wonderful the time we save!”

Gisèle, Administrative Coordinator

Increase to 70%
confirmation rates

patient approval rate on new communication methods

Significant decrease in cancellation rate

The team at Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila is always looking for ways to optimize the patient experience and provide superior care.

Before using Intiveo, the staff used to call patients one by one to confirm appointments. This workflow often took them a whole morning or a whole day. However, the staff knew this was inefficient and wanted to make use of technology. They wanted to boost efficiencies and save time in their workflows, specifically utilizing texting instead of phone calls. Part of what brought Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila to Intiveo was the option to automate messaging in the form of text messages and emails. The team also values the Covid-19 screening form and uses it with regularity.

With Intiveo, Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila has seen incredible improvements in their workflows.



Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

Increase to 70% confirmation rate. Prior to Intiveo, the confirmation rate was much lower. Patients are now also able to ask questions easily about their appointment, which increases the confirmation rate.

95% approval rate from patients. 
Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila’s patients have responded very positively to the new methods of communication offered by Intiveo software. This includes leaving a lot of positive patient reviews!

Significant decrease in cancellation rate. 
Intiveo’s automated appointment reminders, which include pre-appointment instructions, are a key part of a low cancellation rate. These reminders enable patients to come prepared for appointments. Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila’s patients have valued being able to give a reason for cancelling their appointments, as well.

Time-savings on manual tasks. 
Switching from manual follow-ups and appointment reminders to automated messaging has freed up tons of work time for their staff.

Last-minute communications have been a life-saver. 
The ability to communicate last-minute changes to patients as they come up is highly valued by Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila’s patients and staff alike.

Centre Dentaire Tracadie-Sheila has served Tracadie-Sheila since 2007, when it was founded by seasoned dentist Dr. Robert Losier. 

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