Clinique Poirier Centre Dentaire

"Patients forget their appointments less - so they attend more often! We have reduced time spent on the phone… and we are able to do more paperwork”

Clinique Poirier Centre Dentaire

60% increase
in confirmation rate

70% decrease
in cancellation rate

Up to 5 hours
saved daily

They pride themselves on considering each patient individually, with unique needs that deserve to be met. The team at Clinique Poirier bases their approach on listening and communicating well with patients.

Before switching to Intiveo, the staff at Clinique Poirier were using Dentitek to communicate with patients, because it came with their patient management software. Their hope was to reduce time spent on the phone managing confirmations, missed appointments, and Covid questions. However, they were not able to achieve this with their original communication tool. All four of their secretaries were obliged to spend most of their time on the phone management confirmations and appointments - making them less available for service tasks in the office and other calls. Part of what drew them to Intiveo was the ability to send text and email confirmation and appointment reminders, as well as the ability to attach forms to communications in order to save on time.

With Intiveo, Clinique Poirier Centre Dentaire has been able to see some excellent improvements at their practice:



Clinique Poirier Centre Dentaire

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

60% increase in confirmation rate. The ability to send confirm by text and email has been indispensable for Clinique Poirier.

70% decrease in cancellation rate. “Good thing I got the message, otherwise I would have forgotten!” is a common refrain at this clinic!

Up to 5 hours saved daily. Intiveo’s software has provided unprecedented ability to move through paperwork and help create efficiencies in staff time.

50 more positive reviews gained. Being able to request a review at the end of the appointment has been a huge asset to Clinique Poirier.

Efficient follow-ups. Not only has the process of confirmations and requesting reviews improved, but the ability to send documents has been a huge asset.

Utilizing staff work time more effectively. Because of the increase in time-savings, Clinique Poirier is able to refer different patients to different secretaries in order to increase that staff time efficiency.

Clinique Poirier Centre Dentaire serves the Suroît region with high quality dentistry.

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