Conestoga Oral Surgery

Conestoga Oral Surgery (COS) is a full service Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice with 3 locations in central Pennsylvania. 

"Intiveo has been a game changer and saves our staff so much time. We are now able to automatically text and email patients across our 3 locations instead of doing this manually.”

Page, Practice Administrator


6 Hours
in daily time savings

COS prides themselves on being a patient-centered organization, and are committed to providing the highest standard of care.

Prior to Intiveo, COS was communicating with their patients manually. This was a major challenge as they are a multi-location practice, and can have up to 150 patients per day. COS selected Intiveo for their customizable appointment reminders, ability to manage multiple locations via one platform, and tight integration with DSN practice management software.

With Intiveo, COS has seen hugely successful outcomes:

Consistent patient communication across all 3 locations. COS is able to keep their patient communication consistent across all their locations and send mass notification to all patients when required. For example, COS was able to send out a closure update due to a snowstorm instead of having to call each patient individually.

Ability to reschedule patients with symptoms and fill spots. The Covid-19 wellness screening forms are a huge time saver and essential with the health regulations. COS had 1-2 patients/day showing up with symptoms previously but now they can flag ahead of time and reschedule.

Two-way chat allows patients to communicate using the method they prefer. COS has found that their patients use chat way more than email and Intiveo’s global chat has allowed them to centrally communicate with them in real-time across all of their locations.

6 hours/day in time savings. COS no longer has to manually call patients to confirm appointments, resulting in a huge amount of time savings across all their locations.

100 patient reviews/month. Intiveo’s reputation management feature has allowed COS to generate over 100 reviews/month compared to a total of 50 previously.



Conestoga Oral Surgery

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