Dentistry at Merritt

"Not only has Intiveo decreased the number of calls we have to make, but it has also greatly reduced short-notice cancellations."

Cheryl, Office Manager

Dentistry at Merrit faced several challenges, including:

  • Time-consuming manual communication processes.
  • Difficulty reaching patients through multiple channels.
  • High costs associated with maintaining a dedicated cell phone for texting patients.
  • Struggles with insurance companies and other administrative tasks.

Dentistry at Merrit discovered Intiveo at a Pacific Dental Conference (PDC) and was impressed by its features, particularly the customizable options and the use of real human voices for appointment reminders. They decided to give the platform a try.



Dentistry at Merritt

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Intiveo offers customizable procedure based messaging, mass notification sending, 2-way chat functionality, no character limit text messaging, pre-built messaging templates, and more!

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Dentistry at Merrit, a busy dental practice with multiple locations in British Columbia, Canada, was looking for a way to streamline its appointment scheduling and communication with patients. Before discovering Intiveo, the practice relied on a combination of manual phone calls, text messages, and emails to manage its appointment bookings and reminders. The staff was burdened with time-consuming tasks and struggled to reach all of their patients in a timely manner.

Intiveo has provided numerous benefits for Dentistry at Merrit, including:


Reduced time spent on appointment confirmations

Staff no longer spend up to an hour each day on the phone trying to reach patients.

Streamlined communication

 Intiveo's platform reaches patients through three main channels – phone, email, and text – at different times of the day, increasing the chances of reaching patients.

Cost savings

The practice no longer needs to maintain a separate cell phone for texting patients.

Increased customization

 Dentistry at Merrit can tailor Intiveo's features to their specific needs, such as sending links to sedation instructions or post-operative care.

Improved patient satisfaction

Most patients appreciate the increased communication options and find it easier to confirm or reschedule appointments.

Dentistry at Merrit has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their patients since implementing Intiveo. They have also been able to use the platform to send out mass communications during emergencies, such as when their office was flooded, and when they reopened after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

Intiveo has revolutionized Dentistry at Merrit's appointment scheduling and communication processes. The platform's affordability, customization options, and time-saving features have significantly improved both staff and patient experiences. With Intiveo, Dentistry at Merrit can now focus on providing excellent dental care instead of spending valuable time on administrative tasks.

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