Dr. Carrie Terry Family Dentistry

“Intiveo is probably the easiest system I've ever dealt with. It's a huge time saver and provides a better patient experience.”

Matthew, Office Manager

4 hours a day in time-savings, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.

Dr. Carrie Terry Family Dentistry is dedicated to delivering high-quality, patient-centered dental care. The practice faced challenges with the manual communication methods they were using, relying mainly on phone calls and emails. These methods were time-consuming and inefficient.

Matthew, the office manager, reflects on the transition: "The new system is almost night and day compared to what we used to do. It used to consume about 50% of my time."


The switch to Intiveo marked a significant improvement in the practice's operational efficiency and patient communication. The most transformative features of Intiveo include:

  • Automated Reminders and Recalls: The automated system for sending reminders and recall messages has been crucial in reducing no-shows and forgotten appointments.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Matthew notes the ease of use: "It was user-friendly. I like technology, so it was easy to find my way around the basic features we use."

  • Customizable Communication: Tailoring messages to meet the practice's unique needs has been a game-changer.

  • Online Forms for New Patients: The implementation of online forms has facilitated a smoother, paperless process, particularly beneficial for new patient registrations.

The introduction of Intiveo not only saved time but also significantly improved patient engagement and satisfaction, with patients appreciating the convenience of text message reminders


Streamlined Communication & Enhanced Patient Experience

Dr. Carrie Terry Family Dentistry

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

Improvement in patient appointment confirmations, leading to a fuller schedule and fewer gaps.

Texting makes it easy for patients and staff to stay in touch.

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Back Office Benefits

For Dr. Carrie Terry and her team, Intiveo has brought notable improvements in practice management. Dr. Terry highlighted the benefits: "Our schedule has fewer gaps now, and our days are almost always fully booked. This efficiency is incredibly valuable for our practice."


For Dr. Carrie Terry Family Dentistry, Intiveo has been more than just a communication tool; it has been a catalyst for operational transformation. The practice has seen a remarkable improvement in efficiency, patient interactions, and back-office management. Matthew's statement encapsulates the impact: "Intiveo has transformed our practice - it's a huge time saver and enhances the patient experience."