Enterprise Client - Dr. Dodell

Dr. David Dodell is an enterprise client with 11 different dental clinics.

“Intiveo has helped us manage patient notifications and recalls effortlessly.  It works rain or shine, never complains and gets the job done efficiently 24x7”

Dr. David Dodell

World-class patient communication technology

Recall success rate

Prior to Intiveo, the clinic teams were communicating to all their patients manually. This was a major challenge for the organization, particularly in regards to recalling patients. The clinics, for example, had trouble filling a large number of open appointments, as they didn’t have time to call every patient that was overdue.

Now with Intiveo, the organization has been able to streamline and automate their recall process, resulting in significant improvement for all their clinics.

With Intiveo, Dr. David Dodell’s clinics have seen a great number of successful outcomes:

85% recall success rate. With Intiveo, they have seen a huge improvement in their recall success rate across their entire organization.

Patients can communicate using the method they prefer. 
The clinics are now able to automatically recall patients via email, text, or automated voice message, instead of manually calling and leaving unanswered voicemails.

World-class patient communication technology. 
The organization was able to streamline and automate their recall process, greatly improving their response rate.

Time savings across all locations. 
The clinic teams no longer have to manually call patients to book their next appointment, resulting in a considerable amount of time savings.



Enterprise Client - Dr. David Dodell

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

Time savings across all locations

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