HealthPlex Dental Centre

HealthPlex Dental Centre is a full-service general dental practice that offers everything from preventative to restorative to cosmetic dentistry.

“Intiveo’s two-way chat was a game changer. We no longer have to manually call every patient, and we can get a text confirmation within hours.”

Krithika, Front Desk

80% reduction
in cancellations

25% increase
in patient reviews in just one month

They pride themselves in delivering quality dental care for patients of all ages.

It wasn't easy for HealthPlex Dental Centre to communicate with patients prior to Intiveo. They had to use manual methods and staff often found themselves on the phone for at least 2-3 hours, which was a major challenge as they can see up to 40 patients per day. HealthPlex Dental Centre selected Intiveo for their ability to send out mass notifications, appointment reminders, recall reminders, and two-way chat.

With Intiveo, HealthPlex Dental Centre has seen hugely successful outcomes:

An 80% reduction in appointment cancellations. With the help of automated appointment reminders and attached key pre-appointment instructions, HealthPlex has seen great results with their appointment success rates.

An increase in recall success rates. Prior to Intiveo, HealthPlex Dental Centre had a hard time getting patients back for their recall appointments. By getting in touch with patients via their preferred method (SMS, email, or voice), they were able to get them back in the practice for their appointments with ease!

25% increase in patient reviews in just one month. HealthPlex started using the Social Reviews add-on just one month ago and have already seen a positive increase in online patient reviews!

3 hours/day in time savings. They found that their patients preferred to receive texts over emails and phone calls, and Intiveo’s global two-way chat has allowed them to centrally communicate with patients in real time. By automating the appointment reminder process, HealthPlex Dental Centre saw a huge jump in time savings.

Consistent patient communication. HealthPlex Dental Centre is able to update and keep in touch with their patients by sending out mass notifications when required. As an example, they were able to send out a closure update due to extreme weather conditions instead of having to call each patient individually.



Health Plex Dental Centre

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

3 hours
of time savings/day

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