Kitsilano Family Dental

“Getting forms filled was such a challenge for us, as it was difficult for patients to be able to write on PDF files. Then we started using Intiveo Forms. Now patients can digitally sign on any device!”

Ainslie, Patient Coordinator 

Decreased operational costs

“Intiveo Forms is super useful for new patients! They can provide us with all of their information before they come to the office for the first time.”

Kitsilano Family Dental is now able to send out digital patient intake forms prior to the appointment, and has a completion rate of 70%. This has helped create enormous time savings, from manually selecting and sending out a form whenever a new patient is added, time spent on the phone to gather the necessary information, and manually following up with patients if they haven’t returned their completed forms ahead of the appointment.


Kitsilano Family Dental

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Increased time savings


Kitsilano Family Dental is a dental office located in Vancouver, British Columbia. They treat patients of all ages, and are committed to creating a lifetime of healthy smiles by providing dental visits that are educational, positive, and fun, from an early age onward.

Kitsilano Family Dental has been a customer of Intiveo for the past 2 years, and have recently started using Intiveo Forms. Prior to using the online form solution, they were emailing PDF versions of their patient intake forms. This involved a lot of time and manual work in order to create, send, and manage the forms.  

When Intiveo started offering an online form solution, Kitsilano Family Dental decided to make the switch to digital forms, to help improve their form completion rate and to save time for their patients and staff.


“Editing the Forms is super easy. If we want to try a new layout, we can do it very quickly.”

One of the primary reasons Kitsilano Family Dental started using Intiveo Forms was to create more time savings for their office. With the forms solution, they are now able to use existing templates that have already been tailored to their needs. The form builder is also incredibly intuitive, and has a drag and drop feature that allows them to further customize or create any questions they want.


“The support team has been amazing as well - we never felt confused during the onboarding process thanks to them.”

Kitsilano Family Dental was able to onboard with Intiveo Forms in record time. They had a dedicated Enablement Manager that helped them set everything up according to their specific requirements, and were also always available for further questions.

form completion rate


“We are also saving so much on paper! With everything being digital now we are not drowning in printed forms.”

Another benefit of switching to an online form solution has been the savings in operational cost. For example, with Intiveo Forms, their staff no longer has to spend hours manually creating, sending, and tracking intake forms. They are now able to do all this directly from their Intiveo Software, which saves staff time to focus on patient care. They also no longer have to chase patients for information, or worry about doctors having to wait for patients to complete their forms in office.

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