Mayfair Dental Centre

Mayfair Dental Centre is a premier general, family, and cosmetic dental practice in Victoria, British Columbia.

"I would not go without Intiveo. Their automated text and emails result in huge time savings, and there’s no way to do all our tasks in a day without their system."

Christina, Hygiene Coordinator

A 90%
appointment confirmation success rate

patient adherence to pre- and post-appointment instructions

They pride themselves in restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of patient smiles using state-of-the-art procedures.

Mayfair has been using Intiveo’s patient communication software for over 4 years. Prior to Intiveo, Mayfair relied on manual phone calls to schedule and confirm appointments and decided to make the switch after struggling to successfully reach their patients. They selected Intiveo for our automated appointment reminders, two-way chat feature, and mass notifications.

With Intiveo, Mayfair Dental Centre has seen hugely successful outcomes:

A 90% appointment confirmation success rate. By sending reminders automatically prior to appointments, Mayfair was able to increase patient confirmation rates considerably. Patients have responded well to Intiveo, especially the frequency of communication.

Significantly lower cancellation rates. The automated reminders allowed for plenty of time to reschedule appointments, avoiding unnecessary cancellations.

3 hours/day in time savings. Mayfair no longer has to make manual calls to schedule and confirm every appointment, resulting in a huge amount of time savings.

Two-way chat allows parents to communicate using the method they prefer. With Intiveo's two-way chat, Mayfair Dental Centre has been able to communicate instantly with patients' parents, saving them valuable time, as they prefer text messages and emails over phone calls.

Utilizing staff work time more effectively. Because of the increase in time savings, Mayfair staff are able to focus on more meaningful patient interactions and higher-skilled tasks that require attention. 



Mayfair Dental Centre

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

3 hours
of time savings/day

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