Riverway Dental

“Before using Intiveo, we were calling 40+ patients a day to confirm appointments. With Intiveo, we haven't had to do that! It's reduced the pressure of making calls and it's been so easy to communicate with patients.”

Leona, Receptionist

Riverway Dental has seen a significant drop in phone calls since implementing Intiveo.

Determined to find a solution, one proactive receptionist took the initiative and discovered Intiveo, highly recommended by fellow dental professionals. Eager to explore its potential, they attended a demo at a dental convention in Vancouver and were blown away by Intiveo's exceptional features. The software streamlined the appointment confirmation process, seamlessly integrating with their existing systems. Not only that, but it also introduced a valuable chat feature that opened up new avenues for engaging with patients.

Since implementing Intiveo, Riverway Dental has experienced a remarkable transformation in their appointment management procedures, leading to heightened efficiency and improved interactions with patients.

Riverway Dental has achieved impressive outcomes with Intiveo:

Seamless integration with their existing systems: Intiveo effortlessly integrated with their current system, AxiUm, allowing for a smooth implementation process. This compatibility has made managing workflows more efficient, saving the team valuable time and effort.

User-friendly interface and intuitive design: Intiveo's user-friendly interface and intuitive design have revolutionized patient communication at Riverway Dental. The staff can effortlessly interact with patients and provide exceptional care. The streamlined interface has significantly improved efficiency, making communication a breeze.

Two-Way Chat loved by receptionists and patients: The chat feature in Intiveo has been warmly embraced by the receptionists at Riverway Dental. It has become a valuable tool for communication, making interactions with patients easy and efficient. The user-friendly interface and convenience of using chat have been highly appreciated by both the receptionists and the patients.

Pressure of phone calls reduced: Intiveo has successfully alleviated the pressure of making endless phone calls for the staff at Riverway Dental. With automated features and alternative communication channels like SMS and email, the staff no longer feel overwhelmed by the constant need to dial numbers. This has brought a sense of relief, improved efficiency, and a more balanced workload for the team.



Riverway Dental

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

Automated reminders have helped the staff at Riverway Dental save valuable time.

The chat feature is adored by both patients and receptionists for its convenience.

At Riverway Dental, a bustling dental office with a dedicated team of receptionists and an appointments and insurance manager, improving appointment management and patient communication was a top priority. They faced the challenge of spending a significant amount of time each day manually calling patients to confirm appointments, averaging between 35 to 40 calls.

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