Slipacoff Dental Centre

Slipacoff Dental Centre is located in Sarnia, Ontario and offers a full range of dental services for the entire family. They pride themselves on offering a relaxing environment and are continually updating their training and technology.

“We used to do all of our confirmations manually on the phone, but with Intiveo, we are now able to automatically send out texts & emails, saving our front desk staff 3 hours a day!”

Lisa, Office Manager

World-class patient communication technology

70% of patients
completing paperwork before appointment

Prior to Intiveo, Slipacoff Dental Centre was communicating to all their patients manually. This was a major concern for them as it required their front staff to be on the phone for around 2-3 hours a day just to confirm appointments. Now with Intiveo, they have been able to automate their reminders, confirmations, recalls, and health questionnaires.

With Intiveo, Slipacoff Dental Centre has seen hugely successful outcomes, including:

3 hours/day in time savings. Slipacoff Dental Centre no longer has to manually call patients to confirm appointments, resulting in 3 hours of time savings a day.

70% of patients complete paperwork before appointment. 
This change has been great for saving staff time and allowing patients more time to complete paperwork.

World-class patient communication technology. 
With Intiveo, Slipacoff Dental Centre is now able to automatically send out appointment reminders, confirmations, recalls, wellness screening surveys, and patient review requests.

Virtual waiting room. 
The two-way chat feature has allowed Slipacoff Dental Centre to set up a virtual waiting room, where patients message when they have arrived and wait outside in their cars until it is time for their appointment.

Ability to reschedule patients with symptoms. 
The Covid-19 wellness screening forms are a huge time saver and essential with the health regulations.



Slipacoff Dental Centre

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

3 hours/day
in time savings

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