Silicon Valley Surgical Arts

Silicon Valley Surgical Arts (SVSA) is an oral/maxillofacial surgery office based in Silicon Valley, California.

"Intiveo has saved our office staff time, boosted economic revenue, and our patients love it! This is a great product for any oral surgery practice. Intiveo’s customer service is quick, efficient, and super friendly. Set up is a breeze and after the initial time is invested, it is a self-running product."

Karina, Office Manager

83% increase 
in confirmation rates

2 Hours
in daily time savings

World-class patient communication technology 

SVSA is a high traffic practice with 2 rotating doctors, and an average of 18 patients a day.

Confirming patients is essential for OMS practices especially when one missed surgical appointment can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Prior to Intiveo, SVSA’s biggest challenges were:

Getting patients to confirm appointments. SVSA relied on phone messages and often struggled to get more than 1-2 patients confirmed a day.

Outdated technology. SVSA’s previous communication software was outdated and did not help them confirm appointments. The features were not easy to use and often required their office manager to contact customer service for help.

Inefficient use of staff time. Office staff had to make phone calls for 2 hours a day to confirm appointments, repeating the same message over and over again.

With Intiveo, SVSA has seen a huge improvement in their confirmation rate in addition to having been able to maximize efficiency for their office staff.

The primary features that have helped them achieve these results is Intiveo’s customizable email and text messaging tool. With it, SVSA is now able to write personalized messages, reminders, and post-op check-ins for every appointment type. For example, SVSA can include pre-op information in their surgical appointment reminders resulting in a significant increase in patients being properly prepared for their appointments. Most notably, the majority of patients now follow important fasting instructions.

Since switching to Intiveo, SVSA has found that patients have been really happy with the new system and actually prefer to receive messages via text and email instead of phone. The front desk staff are more productive as they no longer have to make phone calls for 2 hours a day, and can instead focus on providing great service to their patients.



Silicon Valley Surgical Arts

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