Wayside Dental Centre

Wayside Dental Centre is a full range general practice with expertise ranging from sleep dentistry to wisdom tooth removals.

"One of the main reasons we got Intiveo was to improve our practice efficiency and save time. This software has done that and more, improving the quality of service for the 200 patients we see in a day."

Patricia, Office Manager

Over 80%
of all daily appointments are confirmed

500% increase
in patient reviews

They pride themselves in always staying ahead of the dental curve and were one of our first clients- dating back to our early days as EasyMarkit.

But prior to our introduction, Wayside Dental Centre was using Smile Reminder (now known as SolutionReach) to handle their patient communication processes. They decided to make the switch due to Intiveo’s ability to integrate with their current management system. Wayside Dental Centre typically sees around 200 patients a day and hand-picked Intiveo for our ability to automate their appointment reminders leading to an increase in their patient confirmation rates.

Wayside Dental Centre has seen hugely successful outcomes using Intiveo:

Over 80% in patient confirmation rates. Patients are able to conveniently confirm their appointments via SMS, email, or voice.

500% increase in online patient reviews. With the help of the Social Reviews add-on, they were able to receive over 400 glowing reviews from happy patients in the past 3 years.

At least 3 hours of time savings a day. Prior to Intiveo, Wayside Dental was unable to integrate their patient management system with their patient communication system and instead had to manually input data for both. Now, they are able to reduce manual and repetitive tasks for their staff, resulting in at least 3 hours of time savings a day.

A drastic decrease in no-shows and cancellations. Wayside Dental Centre is now able to automatically send multiple reminders prior to appointments, giving patients ample time to reschedule and avoid unnecessary cancellations.

Better patient preparedness levels. The ability to provide key pre and post-appointment instructions has helped Wayside Dental patients prepare better for their appointments and feel more confident attending them.



Wayside Dental Centre

Improving patient communication for over 14,000 providers

More than 3 hours
of time savings a day

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