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Intiveo Academy offers new and seasoned customers the opportunity to hone their Intiveo skills. These self-directed courses offer you the opportunity to train for great patient experiences through your Intiveo platform. Our courses, tailored to different levels of expertise, are as follows:

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Patient-Centric Practices: 

Intiveo’s Essentials

Elevate Patient Journeys: 

Intiveo’s Advanced (Coming Soon)

Mastering Patient Experience: 

Intiveo's Guide to Memorable Interactions (Coming Soon)

At the conclusion of each course, you will receive a certificate that is kept permanently on your Intiveo Academy dashboard. This gives staff the opportunity to recognize each other’s accomplishments - plus, bragging rights when you post your certificate to social media!

Maximize efficiency for your staff and create amazing experiences for your patients. Get started today on your Intiveo Academy journey.

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