Treating patients how they want to be treated during this difficult time

Communicating to patients in times of crisis.

We know that as professionals in the healthcare field, you put the well-being of your patients above anything else. But in a time of uncharted new challenges, like the current situation with the global spread of COVID-19, we understand that you might feel a bit unsure of what to do next when it comes to balancing the urgent needs of your patients and management of your practice. Some may have already made the difficult decision to close their doors temporarily, while others may have reduced their services down to just critical procedures. Regardless of the decisions you’re making for your business, there are a few things you can do this week to reassure your patients and show your dedication to their overall care and wellness. Here are a few thoughts to consider when you are drafting the communication that will be going out to them in the coming days and weeks.

Be as clear as possible in your messages

Your patients are dealing with many uncertainties at this time. Clear communication will make them more comfortable and help them plan for returning to a normal routine. If you’re continuing with specific procedures, let those patients know, and give them exact directions for how to plan for their treatment and recovery.

Explain what your practice is doing to keep staff and patients safe

If you are closing your doors temporarily, your patients likely know why. But if you provide emergency dental services and will be continuing limited practice, let your patients know what you are doing to mitigate exposure risk at your practice and what they can do to protect themselves and your staff upon their treatment.

Provide context for emergency services

If you do provide emergency services, let your patients know that there are specific emergency cases that you might be addressing, and how they can get in touch with you via phone or email to understand if they might be eligible and if there are appointments available. They should be directed to avoid going to the hospital in pursuit of emergency dental care.

We’re here to help

You’ll see below a link to download some free emergency messaging templates for your text message and email outreach, to help simplify your communication with your patients. We’re also available to assist with free account setup, with no ongoing obligation. Our goal at this time is to help you and your patients stay connected.