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Maximizing Patient Referrals with Intiveo's Referral Management Add-On

You already know the power of our software in optimizing patient engagement and administrative tasks for your practice. Now, it's time to unlock another layer of efficiency and growth with our Referral Management Add-On.

Join us for this insightful webinar that aims to simplify your referral management process, empowering you to receive and manage patient referrals effortlessly right from your Intiveo software.

What You Will Learn:

• Quick Overview: Get a concise explanation of the Referral Management Add-On and how it can seamlessly integrate into your existing Intiveo software.

• Impact on Your Practice: Uncover the tangible benefits of using the Referral Management Add-On to streamline operations, enhance the patient experience, and drive growth.

• Time Required for Setup: Learn how much time you'll realistically need to get this feature up and running on your account.

• Step-by-Step Walkthrough: Experience a live, detailed demonstration that guides you through the process of using the feature, ensuring you’re well-equipped to start receiving and managing referrals.

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