A better way to help you align teeth

Optimize your practice to ensure chair time is always filled.


How we help your Orthodontic practice

improve after care

Remind patients what to bring

Provide procedure-based reminders to bring appliances or paperwork and cut down on missed appointments.

email, voice, and text messaging
Automated email, voice, and text messaging
customizable messaging

Customizable procedure based messaging

Wait list management
Waitlist management

Ensure patients come back for monthly adjustments

Improve length of care and reduce missed appointments with automated recall messaging.
Recall and overdue recall
Recall and overdue recall reminders
auto confirmation


Schedule reminders
Schedule reminder
sms reminder

Get feedback and reviews

Customize surveys by the appointment type to ensure patients provide reviews during after-care plan.
quality improvement surveys
Quality improvement surveys
Online reviews
Online review management
Online review solicitation
Online review solicitation

Here’s how some of our customers feel about us

Rebecca M, Davidson Dental

"The support team is always easily accessible when we need help. The max I've ever waited on line for a rep was 2 min."

Rebecca M., Receptionist, Davidson Dental

Keltie B, Perrin Ortho

"Our patients really enjoy the flexibility of texting us instead of calling in. It helps us ensure they have the information they need, in the format they prefer."

Keltie B., Operations Manager, Perrin Ortho

Jackie W, Dedicated Dental Care

"Our online review rating has increased by 30% since implementing Intiveo’s Software."

Jackie W., Office Manager, Dedicated Dental Care