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How to Maximize the Benefits of Online Forms

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For Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practices, it’s important to gather pertinent, detailed information from your patients. Your practice will have specific informational needs about underlying health conditions and more. It is crucial to gather this information when you need it, in a secure manner that protects the information of your patients. How can online forms help accomplish this goal?

In this webinar, we help you answer this question by discussing best practices for online forms. We will discuss which types of forms are applicable in which cases, as well as the actionable steps you can take to utilize online forms to the full extent. We also discuss the ways that online forms keep your patients’ information safe and secure.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to achieve the informational results you want by sending the right messaging at the right time, using specific examples of online forms.
  • What the different types of forms are that can solicit the different types of information from your patients.
  • What the benefits of digital forms can be, including time savings and secure storage.
  • How digital forms can make a huge difference to meeting these informational needs.

Presenter Bio:

Nathan DeVries has worked with dental practices for over 15 years. He began his career at Trio Creations and Exan Group before founding Intiveo with his brother, Josh, in 2010. Through their prior experience, they saw the need for patient communication software that spoke directly to the needs of healthcare specialists.

Now in our 10th year, Intiveo is the preferred communication partner for oral surgeons and other dental specialists. Our mission is to continuously improve patient care by understanding their communication needs, behaviours, and preferences – resulting in successful treatment outcomes.

Nathan DeVries

CCO, Intiveo

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