patient ENGAGEMENT software

Create a Patient Experience Worth Smiling About

Intiveo, initially created for oral surgeons, is a time-saving tool designed for dental offices, across Canada and the US. It integrates smoothly with patient management softwares, ensuring that patients have outstanding experiences from their very first interaction.

Meet Your Patients Where They’re At

Bridge the gap with your patients like never before! With simple, smart ways to reach out through text, email, or phone, every message you send will make your patients feel cared for and informed. Say goodbye to inefficiency and free up time for staff with consistent, automated patient outreach.

Enhance Your Practice's Efficiency and Revenue

Reduce last-minute cancellations and no-shows with Intiveo’s automated appointment confirmations and reminders. Whether you’re a general practice or an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) office, our customizable forms and innovative 2-way chat feature keep communication flowing.

Transform Patient Feedback into Practice Excellence

Leverage patient feedback surveys and social reviews to create the best version of your practice. Intiveo’s handy Social Reviews tool empowers you to focus on areas of improvement. Plus, you make it easy for your patients to post a glowing online review!

Keep the Cycle of Patient Engagement Rolling

Help patients stay connected and informed with easy recall reminders. Forge strong bonds with your patients using communication tools that make staying in touch as easy as a few simple clicks.

Our Results Speak for Themselves


Average savings on daily manual tasks with streamlined management.


Increase in patient confirmations using personalized patient reminders.


Average recall success rate with our recall and reminder system.

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