Who is Intiveo?

We started as patients who wanted a better experience. Now, we’re delivering it.


Meet Our Founders

The founders of Intiveo take you on a tour of our office in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, while telling you the story of Intiveo.

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The Holistic View of Patient Engagement

Through a culture of authenticity, collaboration, and continuous development, our team is re-envisioning what patient experiences can be. Understanding that engagement is necessary at every step of the patient journey is what Intiveo was made for.

How We Started

Founded in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada, we started Intiveo by understanding the dental industry. Our early product brought better engagement to dental educational institutions – and once we had expanded service to over 70% of dental schools across the US, we began to serve private practices.


Where We’re
At Now

Today, Intiveo serves 85% of American dental schools, as well as 14,000 dental care providers across Canada and the United States – including 1 in 5 oral surgeons! Our product is flexible and user-friendly: we are proud to serve oral surgeons, general practitioners, multi-location practices, and many different specialties.

What Matters is Our People

At Intiveo, our commitment to our values shows up in our relationships with dental practices. We are proud to support you in patient engagement, giving you the capacity to make great patient experiences possible.

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Our Leadership Team

We are proudly leading the way on patient engagement software.

Joshua Devries

Joshua Devries

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Devries

Nathan Devries

Chief Customer Officer

Richard Sharp

Richard Sharp

Chief Operating Officer

Owen Ingraham

Owen Ingraham

Chief Technology Officer

Jen Z

Jennifer Zapp

VP of Revenue, Marketing, and Revenue Operations

Ryan Hogenes

Ryan Hogenes

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Ryan D

Ryan Dalton

VP of Revenue, Customer Experience

Join The Team

Embrace your most authentic working life while servingdental practices across Canada and the United States.