Oral Maxillofacial

Create a Customized Patient Experience with Ease

Intiveo transforms OMS practices with our patient engagement platform. Tailored specifically for OMS, we optimize complex workflows, elevate communication, and foster exceptional patient experiences. Seamlessly integrated with major PMS and backed by dedicated support, Intiveo empowers OMS practices to concentrate on unparalleled patient care. Practices leveraging Intiveo benefit from minimized no-shows, heightened patient loyalty, and revenue expansion.


ROI of Intiveo For OMS

Intiveo 75%

reduction in unsuccessful appointments due to unprepared patients


uptick in patient reviews


per day of time savings


recall success rate

The Intiveo Difference

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Intiveo pencil and paper

Fully customizable messages that are tailored OMS-specific patient messaging with pre- and post-op instructions

Intiveo check list

Automated messaging for post-op instructions, reducing the workload on OMS practices and ensuring patients receive the information they need


Customizable workflows provide OMS practices with the flexibility to communicate with patients using a variety of methods, including text messages, email, and voice calls

Intiveo text messages

Customize your OMS messaging with our pre-built Specialty Templates Library

Intiveo software pdf

Collect and analyze patient feedback with our patient feedback features, helping to identify areas for improvement and providing valuable insights into patient experiences


Intiveo’s two-way communication features, such as secure messaging and live chat, allow patients to communicate directly with their OMS providers


Track referrals from various sources, including physicians, dentists, and other healthcare providers


Manage the referral process from start to finish, from initial referral intake to appointment scheduling and follow-up

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“Intiveo is built for the needs of an OMS office. Their ability to customize and match the messaging with the appointment type is a game changer. Intiveo’s customer service is fantastic and set up took less than a week.”

Mary, Office Manager, Altoona Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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