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Intiveo, embraced by 85% of dental academic institutions in North America, is reshaping the learning curve for dental students with its specialized patient engagement software. Fully adaptable for the academic setting, our platform not only streamlines administrative processes but also pioneers a feedback-centric environment, enabling dental students to receive invaluable patient feedback after appointments. This immediate feedback mechanism is crucial for their professional growth, enhancing their communication skills and clinical expertise. Coupled with robust integrations with major PMS and unwavering support, Intiveo ensures that dental academic institutions maintain an optimal balance of educational excellence and patient care.


ROI of Intiveo


Reduction in missed appointments


Recall success rate


of time savings per day


Form completion rate

The Intiveo Difference

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Utilize Intiveo’s quality improvement surveys to gather valuable feedback, identify areas for enhancement, and elevate patient satisfaction


Say goodbye to manual phone calls and reminders. Intiveo’s SMS and email automation streamlines communication and ensures consistent patient outreach


Intiveo’s waitlist management services enable dental organizations to quickly and efficiently fill appointment cancellations, minimizing the impact on revenue and keeping your schedule running smoothly

Intiveo text messages

Intiveo’s platform facilitates real-time, two-way communication between patients and dental practices


Intiveo’s customizable communication workflows and templates allow dentists to tailor messaging to individual patients, fostering strong patient relationships and enhancing loyalty

Intiveo cloud based software

Intiveo integrates seamlessly with popular practice management software, enabling efficient data synchronization and a streamlined user experience, allowing your institution to function smoothly


Intiveo prioritizes the privacy and security of your patient data, adhering to strict industry standards and ensuring HIPAA-compliant communication, so your institution can maintain patient trust and confidence

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With Intiveo’s dedicated customer support, your practice can rely on expert assistance and guidance for any questions or issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience with the platform

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“With Intiveo’s feedback surveys, we’re able to have a better understanding of our patient’s wants and needs and on top of that – at least 50% of our patients are leaving positive online reviews!”

Sheri, Front Desk, Boisson Dental Group

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