7 Tips to Wow New Patients

new dental patients

When new patients step through the doors of a dental practice, they are not just seeking expert oral healthcare. They are looking for a practice that will treat them with understanding, and respect, and provide a comforting presence in what can often be a daunting experience. Ensuring patients feel immediately at ease, fully informed, and cared for is key to setting the stage for a long-lasting relationship built on trust and outstanding service.

In this blog, we provide some tips to welcome new patients, so that you can get your relationship off to a great start!

#1: Start on the Right Foot – Before the Patient Sets Foot in the Practice!

The foundation of a successful dental practice lies in the first interactions with new patients. It is essential to understand that the onboarding of new dental patients begins long before they arrive at your practice; it starts from the very first point of communication. Whether it’s through a phone call, text message, or email, every interaction should echo the professional and caring ethos of your office. Here’s how to ensure that your first impression counts:

  • Begin Early: Initiate contact soon after an appointment is made. This early engagement sets the tone for the relationship and demonstrates your practice’s commitment to patient care.
  • Balance and Efficiency: When sending appointment confirmations and reminders for forms to be filled out, tread the fine line between being helpful and inundating patients with messages. Your communication strategy should be efficient, making it convenient for patients to remember their appointments without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Consistent Positivity: The attitude your staff displays over phone calls or digital communications should be a reflection of the positive experience patients will encounter at your office. Training your staff to maintain a consistently warm and professional tone can enhance patient trust and comfort.

Remember, the true measure of an outstanding patient experience is not just in the treatment they receive, but also in the thoughtful and considerate communication they engage with from the outset. Your goal should be to make every patient feel respected and valued, ensuring that their first interaction is the beginning of a long-term relationship built on trust and exceptional care.

#2: Support Patient Preparedness

Preparing your new patient for initial dental consultation can be an experience that is both reassuring and efficient. Before your appointment, take advantage of the convenience offered by digital forms. Completing these forms in advance not only saves everyone time but also allows your team to review your patients’ dental history and needs, ensuring a personalized and attentive consultation right from the start.

To alleviate any travel concerns on the day of the appointment, detailed transit and parking information should be provided. This can be as simple as providing a Google Maps link and letting Google do the rest. This ensures that from the moment your patient leaves their home, your practice is guiding them to your practice. 

#3: A Warm Greeting Goes a Long Way

Welcoming new patients to your dental practice with a warm and personalized greeting sets the tone for a positive relationship. It’s more than just a simple hello; it’s the pivotal first encounter that can shape the patient’s perception and experience with your practice. A personalized approach signifies attentiveness and care from the outset, indicating that each patient is valued and recognized as an individual. 

When front-of-office staff have access to a patient’s name, address them directly at the moment of arrival. This not only fosters a connection but also conveys a significant message that you are prepared for their visit and are meticulous in delivering personalized service. Demonstrating such consideration from the very beginning can go a long way in establishing trust and comfort, encouraging new patients to return and become long-term patrons of your dental practice.

#4: Create a Comfortable Waiting Area

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is integral to making that critical first impression for new patients. An inviting and comfortable waiting area can significantly diffuse the natural anxieties associated with visiting the dentist. The tranquillity of a thoughtfully designed space not only sets the stage for a positive experience but also reflects your practice’s commitment to patient care from the moment they step through your door.

To achieve this, consider the following actionable tips to enhance the comfort levels in your waiting area:

  • Maintain Cleanliness: A clean and well-organized environment signals professionalism and attention to detail, two qualities that patients appreciate in dental care.
  • Provide Engaging Reading Material: Stock your waiting area with a variety of interesting and up-to-date magazines or educational materials about dental health to keep patients informed and occupied.
  • Soft Background Music: Gentle, soothing tunes can help create a serene ambiance that eases patient nerves.

Remember, even for repeat visitors, the waiting room experience can significantly influence their perception of your practice. Offering this to your patients reiterates that you prioritize their overall well-being and comfort, easing their path to dental health.

#5: Personalize & Educate

Welcoming new patients begins with a foundational effort to genuinely comprehend their unique dental needs and concerns. Personalized attention—far from being an added luxury—is, in fact, an essential component of quality care. By customizing treatment plans to the individual circumstances of each patient, dental professionals can demonstrate their commitment to patient-centered service.

To further this endeavor, providing educational resources plays a crucial role. Not only does it underline the importance of oral health and hygiene, but it also equips patients to maintain their dental well-being between visits. These resources, encompassing everything from pamphlets to instructive videos and digital content, are indispensable tools that empower patients, fostering both trust and engagement.

When people feel valued and informed, they are far more likely to become returning patients!

#6: Have a Nice Follow-up Message

A simple yet effective strategy to welcome new patients into your practice is to send a follow-up message post their initial appointment. This small gesture speaks volumes about the attentiveness of your clinic, showcasing a commitment to personalized care. The message doesn’t need to be lengthy! Instead, it should convey gratitude for choosing your services. You can also let them know that, if they have feedback about their appointment, they’re welcome to provide it.

Which brings us to our final point!

#7: Always Ask for Feedback – and Make It Easy

Encourage your patients to provide feedback about their experience, reinforcing an open dialogue and conveying that their opinions are not only heard but are invaluable for your practice. This establishes an ongoing patient-practitioner rapport that is grounded in trust and comfort—cornerstones of a successful dental practice. Such measures underscore professionalism and can lead to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty. Implementing this approach can significantly enhance the patient experience, leaving them feeling cared for and valued. Importantly, it needs to be easy! Provide your patients with a link to a feedback survey so they can fill it out in the comfort of their homes.

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