We’re Delighted to Announce Our Partnership with Carestream


At Intiveo, we know how much your patients matter to you. An integral part of that is providing health care’s version of great customer service: effective patient engagement. Giving your patients the best experience possible with your office includes having efficient work-flows, facilitated by integrated patient management and patient communication software. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Intiveo has partnered with Carestream Dental!

This partnership was a long time coming. We have been working with Carestream Dental for many years. Carestream is leading the industry with cutting-edge imaging, software, and practice management solutions for dental practitioners of all stripes. The team at Intiveo is delighted to be embarking on this solidified partnership with Carestream, to offer the best support to both our clients and theirs. 

So what does this mean for you and your practice?

As an authorized partner with Carestream, our patient communication software will now integrate directly with their patient management systems. This means that if your practice uses WinOMS (yes, including version 10!), Softdent, Orthotrack, or Practiceworks, your Intiveo patient communication software will now be directly integrated with your patient management software via Carestream’s API. We created this partnership with you in mind. Adding this level of inter-connectedness to our software and Carestream software allows you to run your practice smoothly.

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