How Well Is Your Multi-Location Practice Actually Doing? Take the Quiz!


Find Out How Your DSO or Multi-Location Practice is Really Doing


At Intiveo, we understand the complexities of multi-location practice management. We hear every day from dental practices and DSOs like you who want their organization to excel.

That’s why we made a quiz to help you find out how your practice is really doing. Are you ready to elevate your practice and your patient experience? Let’s get started!

There are a lot of ways that patient engagement software can help with the issues you are having. Not only can software offer a way to look at metrics in a centralized way, it can bring both patient experience and logistical processes into alignment across a geographically dispersed dental organization.

Coming up on October 11, Intiveo will be offering a guide to how software can make a difference in multi-location practices and DSOs. Check out Managing Multiple Locations? Our Guide to How Software Makes the Difference on October 11th!

Plus, there is an exciting announcement from Intiveo coming soon for multi-location practices!

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