Intiveo Connect: Build Relationships Like Never Before

Intiveo Connect

In the realm of dental care, establishing and maintaining relationships is not only about excellent in-office experiences; it’s about continual, seamless communication. For dental practitioners, office managers, and receptionists, the challenge often lies in the intricacies of handling communications outside the traditional patient roster. That’s where Intiveo Connect, an innovative new feature of our Intiveo Chat, bridges the gap, revolutionizing communications in the dental industry. It’s available with every Intiveo plan* – so let’s hear some more about it!

Communicate with Confidence

Are you striving to broaden your practice’s reach? To connect effortlessly with those critical non-contacts, such as prospective patients or the caregivers of your current patients? With Intiveo Connect, crafting those essential conversations has never been easier.

Forging New Links

  • Reach Beyond Your Contacts: Intiveo Connect enables you to extend your communication to new patients or non-patients with just a few clicks – including dental practices that are not in your contacts. The chat feature is now your trusty conduit for seamless interaction.
  • Engage with Your Community: Leverage this new feature to establish connections with local dental practices, promoting collaboration and communication.

Streamline Your Administrative Tasks

  • Automate for Efficiency: Automate texts to non-patient contacts like parents/guardians of pediatric patients or caretakers of elderly patients, ensuring they are incorporated into the patient care process without overburdening your staff.
  • Make Every Message Count: Strategic, automated reminders, follow-ups, and logistical coordination messages make for a well-oiled communication machine.

Enhance Patient Experience and Care

When caregivers are informed, patient recovery improves significantly. Intiveo Connect facilitates this informative process, ensuring caregivers receive all necessary post-operative care instructions, leading to better outcomes and satisfied patients.

Opening Doors to New Patients

The direct text feature is more than just convenience: it’s a gateway. With Intiveo Connect, new patient registrations are a text away, turning inquiries into appointments with ease.

Benefits at a Glance

For Dental Practices:

  • Automated communication with non-patients
  • Easier pathways for non-patients to engage and become new patients
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Improved patient care through informed caregivers

Leading to:

  • A notable increase in trust and patient satisfaction
  • A thriving, growing patient base
  • Active engagement with your dental and patient community

Are You Ready to Transform Your Practice?

Intiveo Connect offers practices a unique opportunity to build relationships like never before. By connecting seamlessly with non-contacts, Intiveo Connect empowers you to use the chat feature with caregivers and dental practices, creating a more integrated care experience and improving procedure outcomes.

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*If you see a limited version of Intiveo Chat by May 8th, 2024—you may be on a legacy version of Intiveo. Please contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.