Out-of-the-Box Uses for Intiveo to Boost Your Patient Experience

patient experience

At Intiveo, we talk a lot about patient experience. Providing a great patient experience can be challenging, but it can become a lot more user-friendly for dental practices with software like Initveo’s. Shifting to automation of the patient confirmation and recall process, our social reviews and forms add-ons, and much more allows you to streamline work processes Our high level of customization and procedure-based messaging allows users to communicate relevant, easy-to-access information to their patients.  

However, there are many other out-of-the-box uses for Intiveo that can help enhance the patient experience. Let’s explore a few in this blog. 

Robust Reporting On How Your Patient Experience is Doing

It’s impossible to know how your practice is doing without metrics. Understanding how well your practice is doing will give you some key insights into how well your patient experience may be going.

Intiveo’s tool includes robust reporting that can give you those valuable insights. Let’s say, for example, your reports consistently show a high number of unconfirmed appointments. From there, you can shift your messaging to automate a confirmation reminder by text, email, or phone, depending on their preferred method.This would support your patients in letting you know if they can still come to their appointment.

Not only can insights into your practice help you improve the patient experience, reporting can also support you in meeting your bottom line. Other ways that reporting can help are:

  • Identifying areas for growth at your practice
  • Saving your staff time by finding and resolving inefficiencies
  • Reduce manual processes

There’s lots to be gained by utilizing Intiveo’s robust reporting function. 

Advertising Your Other Services

Part of the patient experience includes your patients knowing what other services you offer! With the automated messaging and high level of customization that Intiveo offers, it’s a snap to send out a simple blurb to a patient post-appointment. Normally, this is used for post-appointment care instructions, booking the next appointment, or providing other useful information related to the specific appointment.

However, this can also be used to inform patients of other services you offer. For example, many Intiveo-powered practices use this to advertise teeth whitening services to their patients. With Intiveo, it is a simple matter of customizing your messages to include an automated reminder about the other services your practice offers. Letting them know what you’ve got to offer gives them the option of choosing those services!

Running Giveaways and Promotions

Managing a dental practice requires a lot of PR. Making sure your patients stay engaged with you and are happy with the treatment they are receiving  takes a lot of work and time. Not just in terms of the care they get, but also in regards to the interpersonal relationships they have with your practice. While the most important part of having a dental practice is providing great oral health care, finding ways to make your patient relationships enjoyable is important, too.

Intiveo’s highly-customizable automated messaging software provides practices with a great way to stay in touch with your patients in ways that other software options won’t allow. Running giveaways and other promotions keeps your patients engaged without just sending them an endless stream of appointment reminders. Finding a fun way to stay engaged keeps your patients invested in their oral health. 

The Intiveo Advantage

Intiveo is a truly versatile software with a wide range of uses. Intiveo boasts a high level of customization, and can automate and streamline the operations of your practice. It can allow you to communicate with your patients in ways you might not have considered initially and provide a way to more readily engage with your patients. 

If Intiveo sounds right for you, you can book a meeting today to learn more about how we can enhance your practice.