Introducing Intiveo Academy

Intiveo Academy

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Intiveo Academy, starting December 5, 2023! These self-directed courses are built to address the diverse needs of our clients with three different course types: Foundational, Proficient, and Expert. These courses give each practice’s staff an opportunity to go in-depth on how they can enhance their patients’ experiences.

“We believe the key to staying ahead in today’s dynamic landscape is continuous learning and skill development. The Intiveo Academy is not just a repository – it is designed to be a gateway to unlocking today’s and tomorrow’s value for you and your teams. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to upskill. or a newcomer eager to build your patient experience expertise, Intiveo Academy is tailored to meet your needs and transform knowledge into actionable expertise”. – Ryan Dalton, VP, Customer Experience, Intiveo

Let’s talk about what dental practice teams across the United States and Canada can expect to learn in Intiveo Academy.

Intiveo Academy in a Nutshell

Intiveo Academy uses audio, visual, and text-based learning, making these courses fully accessible to different learning styles. Because these are self-directed courses, the learner goes at their own pace, on their own time. These interactive courses include quizzes that allow the learner to review their knowledge as they go. At the conclusion of each course, the learner will receive a certificate. This record of their elevated skills is permanent and gives them the ability to:

  • Be recognized at their clinic for their achievement
  • Put their achievement on their résumé
  • Post their achievement to social

Since the courses are built in three levels, it is not just a great way for new staff to acquire skills. It also offers veteran staff members the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge.

All courses and certificates are available from your Intiveo Academy dashboard, which will include a ‘coming soon’ notification on forthcoming courses to look out for.

The First Course: What Can You Expect?

Our first course at Intiveo Academy will be Patient-Centric Practices: Intiveo’s Guide to Memorable Interactions. This course will be offered in three levels:

  • Patient-Centric Practices: Intiveo’s Essentials: This course will cover how to maximize the basic features and functions of Intiveo, including personalizing practice profiles, configuring operational preferences and more. The learner will master the appointment dashboard and explore different options for appointment communication in this course.
  • Elevate Patient Journeys: Intiveo’s Advanced (Coming Soon): Our proficient course is the next step in the learning journey. This course gives the learner the opportunity to master different types of messages, explore the waitlist, and more. It also gives the learner insights into features of their Intiveo product that they may not even know are there!
  • Mastering Patient Experience: Intiveo’s Guide to Memorable Interactions (Coming Soon): This expert level course gives the learner even more opportunities to go in-depth on what Intiveo has to offer, including thorough course-work on our add-ons. Learners who choose to go the distance on their Intiveo learning journey will truly be able to call themselves an expert at the conclusion of this course!

Go On the Journey with Intiveo

Intiveo Academy is the result of many conversations with our clients, who want both the best for their practices and their patients. We’re very excited to be able to collaborate with our clients on their Intiveo learning.

Intiveo aims to support dental practices across the United States and Canada in their patient engagement journey. In addition to a versatile platform that serves general practitioners, specialists, academic institutions, and practices of every size, Intiveo also offers many resources for managing the day-to-day issues of dental practices.

If you’re curious to learn more about Intiveo, book a meeting with a member of our team today.