Introducing Intiveo Forms!

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Your All-In-One Solution

At Intiveo, we know that our clients want to save time for their dental practices. We know the importance of good patient management software. We know that patient engagement is paramount.

That’s why we’re excited to announce… Intiveo Forms! This is very much a labour of love. We are thrilled to be able to serve our partners better by creating this user-friendly tool.

So let’s contextualize why we wanted to create Intiveo Forms!

Gathering patient information before an appointment is notoriously time-consuming. This is especially true if your practice is still collecting patient information manually. Your staff creates the form. Then, they have to print off multiple copies. They have to make sure that the patient has filled everything out prior to their appointment. Then, your staff has to input the information into your database. After all of this, the paper form has to be filed, taking up space in the office.

Of course, many practices are moving toward digital and virtual solutions. However, online forms are still siloed. Even with this digitization, centralized reports are lacking. There are a few challenges with this, such as:

  • It makes it difficult to know which patients have filled out a form
  • What should be done with this information, now that the form is complete

This is not the only way that online forms are siloed. The sending of the forms themselves are siloed, requiring your staff to send each one manually.

This is where Intiveo Forms offers value. 

The team at Intiveo designed our online forms add-on to be an all-in-one solution. But what does this mean for your practice?

You simplify. From directly within your Intiveo software, you can streamline both sending your forms and aggregating information. You can streamline your patient intake process. Intiveo Forms offer a number of templates to choose from, so you can create and customize the right forms for your patients. These templates speak to the different wants and needs of your patients, taking the heavy lifting of forms creation off your staff’s shoulders.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of Intiveo Forms!


Key Features of Intiveo Forms

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We pride ourselves on making Intiveo Forms easy to use. Our focus was to make it an intuitive tool. It works seamlessly with your Appointment Reminder system, automatically sending the appropriate form to the appropriate patient, based on their appointment type. This includes both new patient forms, as well as form completion reminders.

This makes workflows easier for your staff. But it also has value for your patients! You stay engaged with them. You make things easy for them by sending reminders – a key feature in their busy lives!

Since the Intiveo Forms add-on is built into the broader Intiveo platform, you can track what forms come in. This allows you to view your patent information and communication all in one go.

Among the key features of Intiveo Forms are:

  • Save time from manual patient intake processes
  • Custom tailored form templates for your specialty and more
  • Smart send – automatically send the right forms and completion reminders
  • Save operational costs by saving staff and patient time
  • Robust form reporting, including daily tracking
  • HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliance

We’re truly delighted that the Intiveo Forms add-on is now available to our partners. Learn more about how Intiveo Forms can fit into your practice’s plan for success, or chat with a patient communication expert!

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