Sending the Right Message

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When it comes to your practice, your patients are number one. Without them, you wouldn’t have a practice. So what are you doing to let them know that they matter to you?

Dealing with a lot of patients can mean your practice defaults to sending boilerplate messages to help save time. However, that impersonal method can leave your patients feeling alienated. 

As a practice, you should be wanting to give your patients the best experience possible. If your patients are happy, it means your practice is happy too. And that means finding a way to send the right message to your patients. 


How You Send It Matters

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Sending the right message is about more than just what you say. It’s easy to say the right things, but how you send it also matters. If patients feel like you’re not trying to suit their needs, that sends an unspoken message that you don’t care about their needs. 

Not all methods of communication work for every patient. While some patients still prefer the traditional method of a phone call, many more still prefer email or even text reminders. 

Text vs Email

Our favorite method for communicating is the text message. It’s quick and easy and patients are more likely to see it given how common smartphones are. While it is true you can access email on a smartphone, the fact of the matter is that text messaging is much more immediate. 

Other benefits of text over email include the fact that texts have a much higher open rate than emails do. Plus, emails will often get caught in spam filters, which is not true for text messages.

Email is still a great option for some folks, however. For example, older patients might not even have a phone to text. It all depends on the patient’s individual preferences. Asking them how they prefer to receive their communications is an example of sending the right message.  

Being able to text your patients offers you a degree of flexibility that you could never have dreamed of before, especially when you’re using some kind of business texting software. 

Speaking of business texting software…


How Does Intiveo Help You Send the Right Message?

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Intiveo is a powerful cloud-based patient communication platform that is committed to helping dental practices send the right message to their patients. Hundreds of practices just like yours use it every day and it makes a huge difference for them and their patients. 

But how does Intiveo actually help you send the right message? We have a few ways.

Customizable Messaging

One of the biggest draws is our completely customizable messaging system. You can start with one of our pre-built templates and then use that to help you build messages that are tailored to your patients’ needs.

Creating customizable messaging allows you to send more personalized messages, which tells your patients that you are really putting their needs first. 

Chat Feature

Our popular two-way chat feature allows you to really go nuts when communicating with your patients. Rather than using email to send the appointment and confirmation messages, where it is not guaranteed your patients will see it on time, you can use the app to send texts to their phone. 

And unlike other apps on the market, our texting feature has no character limit. 

Patients love the two-way chat option. If you are able to respond to their messages quickly, you are sending the unspoken message that you really care about them and their health. You’ll be creating a wonderful and involved experience for them.

Texting From Intiveo vs Your Own Phone

One question you might be asking is “why use software for texting when I can text from my phone?” That’s not an invalid question; you can text perfectly fine from your phone right?

But let’s consider the number of patients you have. If you have more than a handful, texting them all from your phone would become overwhelming very quickly. With Intiveo, you can easily manage all the conversations from one place within the app. No need to sift through a whole bunch of conversations on your phone to find the right patient. 


Want to Learn More?

Intiveo wants to see you and your patients succeed. You can learn more about how Intiveo works and how your practice can benefit from it by booking a demo with our specialists. 

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