Is It Time for Patient Engagement Software? 3 Telltale Signs

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Prioritize Patient Engagement

It is one thing to say that you should choose patient engagement software for your practice – but it’s another to know when it’s the right fit. Certainly, software of any kind is a big investment!

But there are some telltale signs that your practice might be ready – here’s three of them.

#1: Your Patient Growth is About to Accelerate

It’s important to be prepared for patient growth before it happens. That means keeping a close eye on how your patient growth is going. Choose patient engagement software before your practice is suddenly having to manage a new onslaught of patients!

One of the key ways to be able to tell that your patient growth is accelerating is by measuring how much time your staff spends on calling. An increase in appointment reminders usually correlates directly to an increase in patients!

Your relationship with your returning patients is a key factor to consider here. If your relationship with them suffers because you have a large group of new patients, you will lose your base. Leverage patient communication software to maintain great relationships with all your patients, old and new!

#2: You Have an Increase in Missed or Failed Appointments

Pre-appointment instructions are key to the success of many appointments – especially at specialty practices! If your patients are turning up for appointments unprepared, that is a strong indicator that you need to deliver these instructions differently. Plus, an increase in no-shows indicates that your practice needs to find a new way to send appointment reminders! Patient engagement software can be instrumental in improving these outcomes.

With patient engagement software, it is possible to:

  • Automate reminders leading up to your patients’ appointment
  • Include location and contact information in these appointment reminders
  • Create an automated messaging cadence with pre-appointment instructions

Patient engagement software supports your staff in delivering both reminders and appointment instructions – allowing your practice to meet their bottom line.

#3: You’re About to Open a New Location

Growth of any kind means that you need to reconsider how you manage your practice. This is especially true of how you manage your patient engagement! With two or more locations to manage, strategizing how you stay connected to your patients is key. You need to continue setting them up for success! Disorganization is a likely by-product of this kind of transition. Be proactive, and choose patient engagement software that allows you to continue delivering great care.

How Intiveo Helps You Go the Distance

Intiveo is proud to provide patient engagement software that is fully customizable and integrates with leading patient management software. Our clients report hours of time savings, increased efficiency, and an increase in successful appointment outcomes.  

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