Why Do Small Offices Need Patient Communication Software?

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Many smaller practices will ask the question “what would I do with a patient communication software?” It is a fair question; a smaller office will have fewer resources that they can invest back into their business, and a patient communication software (or PCS for short), can be an intimidating expense. But we promise you that investing in a good PCS will make all the difference. 

How so? Well, let’s find out! 


Offer Patients The Experience They Deserve

The biggest key to building a successful practice is creating a welcoming and memorable experience for your patients. Investing in a PCS allows you to customize your operations to fit each patient’s needs. It’s all about the patient experience! 

In this day and age, being able to communicate with your patients in a variety of ways is the standard. Your patients will expect you to be able to send messages through text, email, or phone as they ask. 

Specialized practices, such as perio offices, might feel that, since there are fewer of them and less competition, they don’t need to worry as much about creating a good patient experience. In fact, the opposite is true. Since these practices are so specialized, patients expect a high level of care. If your office isn’t keeping up by providing a good experience for your patients, you’ll be left behind. 


How a PCS Helps

A PCS allows you to really get into the weeds of customizing your messaging. Do you have patients that would prefer to receive their reminders via text rather than a phone call? You can do that! How about sending out post-care instructions? There’s a PCS that can do that!

A good PCS also eases the burden on your administrative staff. Being able to automate patient messaging cadences allows your staff to focus on other tasks rather than spending hours on the phone. This, in turn, allows you to have more time for more patients meaning you can grow your practice accordingly


Intiveo Is the Answer

So, a patient communication software is clearly a good investment for a smaller practice. But how do you decide which one?

Intiveo offers one of the leading patient communication software options in the industry. We provide you with a powerful tool that brings you and your patients together through customized messaging, two-way chat, and more. 

When you use Intiveo, you can save up to two hours per day in time with customized automated messaging sequences. No more spending all that time on the phone. Your patients will love that you are taking the time to treat them right. 

Intiveo is the solution for practices of all sizes, from the smallest one-office perio practice to the biggest multi-location dentist. Interested in learning more? You can book a demo today with one of our customer service specialists. Signing up is easy!