Intiveo Forms.
The Essential All-In-One Form Solution.

Create, send, track, and manage patient forms
directly from your Intiveo Software.

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Simplify and save time on your patient intake process with Intiveo Forms. Built to help you manage all of your patient forms and information in one place.

Intiveo Forms helps dental practices:

Save time by automatically
creating, sending, and following
up with patient forms

Schedule reminders

Save on operational costs

Wait list management

Increase form completion

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All-in-One Platform

Easily create patient forms with expertly crafted templates, track from completion progress, and send automatic form reminders that are personalized by the procedure type, all from your Intiveo software.

Save time from manual patient intake processes

Save time from manually creating, managing, sending and following up with patients who haven't completed the digital intake forms prior to their appointment.

Custom tailored form templates

Save time with expertly crafted templates that are tailored to your speciality and can be further customized to your exact requirements.

Smart send

Built on top of our Automated Reminder system, Intiveo will automatically send the right forms and completion reminders to new patients based on appointment types.

Save operational costs

Ensure patients provide required information ahead of appointments, and save unnecessary costs of staff and doctors waiting for the patients to complete the forms.

Robust form reporting

Have a clear view of the forms that have been sent and their completion rates. Track submitted/outstanding patient forms on a daily, weekly or custom time frame, all from your Intiveo platform.

HIPPA and PIPEDA Compliance

At Intiveo we take compliance seriously, which is why our product keeps ahead of compliance regulations, including the ability to adapt to regional requirements when it comes to PHI security.

Choose the best Intiveo Forms plan for your practice

Intiveo Forms Essential

  • Form templates tailored to the needs of your practice and specialty that are ready to use.
  • Intuitive interface to customize forms as needed.
  • Add forms to your automated appointment reminders based on appointment type, so that you patients receive forms personalized to their procedure.
  • Save time following up with patients by taking advantage of our smart sending that continues to remind patients to fill in the form if they haven’t done so.
  • Option to resend forms as needed.
  • Download your patient’s completed intake forms to update their record in your scheduler.
  • Robust forms reporting allows you to track submitted/outstanding patient forms on a daily, weekly, or custom time frame, all in one place.
  • Track the progress of your patient’s form completion.
  • Add custom branding to your forms.

Intiveo Forms Enhanced

Has everything included with Intiveo Forms
Essential, plus:

  • Seamless integration with supported PMSs to automatically update essential patient information in your PMS.
  • The ability to add completed forms as a PDF into supported PMSs for easy reference and record keeping.

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