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Step into the future of data-driven dental management. Intiveo Global Insights is tailored specifically for the intricate needs of DSOs and multi-location practices and offers the analytic solutions you’ve been waiting for.


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Why Intiveo Global Insights?

DSOs and multi-location practices grapple with their own unique set of data challenges. We bring the full weight of Intiveo’s history of innovation to respond to these complexities with Global Insights. Enhance your Intiveo base subscription and dive deeper into insights that matter.

What Sets Global Insights Apart?


Comprehensive Performance Analytics

Gain a panoramic view of operations, spanning every location.


Analytics-Informed Strategies

Harness dashboards widgets, detailed reports, and fine-tuned insights, bringing actionable data to your fingertips.


Unified Data Aggregation

Aggregate and sync data from myriad PMS databases, all under one unified, easy-to-navigate hub built for DSOs and multi-location establishments.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Leverage enhanced insights on confirmation rates, patient feedback, and social reviews to elevate patient interactions and sharpen operational strategies.

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Simplicity Meets Sophistication

A user-centric dashboard transforms intricate data into digestible, actionable insights.

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant

Unwavering Security & Reliability

In a sector where trust and security are paramount, Global Insights emerges as a beacon of reliability and HIPAA compliance.

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Hear from Our Clients


"The ability to review and analyze data about our practices in one place is invaluable. In the past, we did not have the bandwidth to go from account to account to gather all this data. Global Insights makes it so much easier to get that information in one place. From there, we can make informed decisions that increase efficiency and allow us to improve our patient experience and fill our schedules. The one-stop location for finding an array of valuable and actionable data allows us to demonstrate to our stakeholders the value of a patient communications platform designed for OMS. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of my team."

Cindy Chapman, Vice President - Practice Development, Beacon Oral Specialists

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