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Make Talking Easy, From Patients to Partners

Simplify your communications, amplify patient engagement. Discover the ease of connecting with your dental community like never before.


What is Intiveo Connect?

Intiveo Connect is an innovative communication tool designed specifically for the dental industry. By seamlessly bridging the gap between dental practices and their communities, Intiveo Connect transforms how you engage with not only your patients but also
non-patients and other dental practices. 

This powerful feature is part of our Intiveo Chat service and is available with every Intiveo plan*, ensuring that you can communicate with confidence, broaden your reach, and streamline your administrative tasks like never before.

See for yourself.

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Benefits of Intiveo Connect


Reach More
People Easily

Enable your practice to reach beyond your current patient list - effortlessly. Engage new patients and the caregivers of your patients with just a few clicks, making every conversation more impactful.


Open Doors to
New Patients

The direct text feature of Intiveo Connect is a game-changer for patient registration. Turn inquiries into appointments effortlessly, welcoming more patients into your practice.


Cut Down
Busy Work

Let Intiveo handle the repetitive messages for you! Send automated texts to non-patient contacts, reducing the workload on your staff and ensuring a smooth administrative process.


Better Care with Informed Families

Intiveo Connect is not just about communication: it's about care. By keeping caregivers informed, you enhance patient recovery and satisfaction.


Boost Patient and Practice Growth

Watch your practice flourish through improved patient satisfaction, increased trust, and active engagement with the dental community. It's more than a tool; it's a growth engine for your practice.


Connect with
Other Dentists

Use Intiveo Connect to establish connections with local dental practices. Promote collaboration and open lines of communication, fostering a supportive dental community.

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Practice?

With Intiveo Connect, you’re not just adopting a new feature. You’re embracing a new way to build relationships, improve care, and grow your practice. Join us in revolutionizing dental practice communication. Book a meeting today and see how Intiveo Connect can make a difference for you.

*If you see a limited version of Intiveo Chat by May 14th, 2024—you may be on a legacy version of Intiveo. Please contact our support team and they will be happy to assist you.

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