Intivonauts Take On Vancouver!

June 16, 2022, 09:00 ET

The Team Building Experience of the Century 

Once a year, Intivonauts from all over the world come together for an event we like to call “Intive-O Week”, or “O-Week” for short. This was a particularly special time for the team because it was our first-ever company meet-up since switching to a remote working model back in 2020. 

The experience was absolutely incredible and had a huge impact on every person who attended, whether it was in person or virtually. Here are some highlights:

Day One: New Friends and Company Values

It was a surreal moment seeing new and old faces in the same room again after such a long period of time. 

Numerous introductions, hugs, and a lot of “How have you been?”. Later, we settled down and started off with a workshop on Intiveo’s values led by our CEO, Josh Devries. Not only did we get a chance to collaborate with new friends outside of our own departments, but we got to exercise our creativity through Lego models, skits, and poems as well! 

One of the most insightful parts of the day was when we explored Intiveo’s goals for the coming year through a captivating “One Year From Now” presentation led by the Company Dad and COO, Richard Sharp. 

To finish a successful day one, we had some delicious pizza accompanied by a movie. The best part? One room showed the classic sci-fi, The Matrix, while the other showed the finest space comedy to ever exist, Spaceballs. We know what you’re thinking, we had a hard time choosing too!

Day Two: Brainstorms and Scavenger Hunts

One of our founders, Owen Ingraham, started off day two with a Product Roadmap presentation. Since Intivonauts have some of the best ideas in the galaxy, we used day two as an opportunity to brainstorm new product ideas. When stomachs started to grumble, that was our cue to enjoy lunch at the park, followed by a competitive scavenger hunt.

A highlight of the day was splitting up into teams and getting to explore Vancouver and all the landmarks the city has to offer! While some groups were absolutely determined to win, others took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and went for a stroll. 

As day two came to a close, we got to spend more quality time with our departments and ended the day by going to one of the best spots in Vancouver with our departments, courtesy of Intiveo’s Senior Leadership Team.

Day Three: Bittersweet Goodbyes  

Our last day began with a presentation on The Customer Journey led by the head of each department. Following the routine of the past two days, we had a collaborative workshop that worked toward breaking down barriers between departments. 

In the afternoon, our CEO, Josh Devries did one last presentation called “Swim Lanes”. The presentation highlighted how each individual team depended on one another to meet common company goals. We also explored new ideas and ways we can take Intiveo into bigger and better galaxies! 

After having our last company dinner, courtesy of some of Vancouver’s best restaurants, the day came to a close.

Lasting Memories

Intive-O Week was a special experience for many Intivonauts, and it was so nice to finally meet colleagues that we only ever see through virtual meetings. 

While working remotely is awesome, it’s even better when we get to take a break from the screens and hang out with friends. And more than that, it was a reminder – to us all – that Intiveo is a team effort! Each and every one of us continuously strives to make Intiveo a great place to be, and O-Week solidified those efforts. 

We cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts before, during and after this wonderful company event. A special thank you to those who traveled great distances to attend O-week. Thank you to Josh Devries, Nate Devries, and Ryan Hogenes for their numerous hours spent organizing the events, another thank you to Ryan Hogenes from the virtual attendees for hosting the remote viewing party. Lastly, thank you to all the Intivonauts who came together, both in person and virtually, to make this week a success! 

To Intiveo and Beyond!