Words from our CEO: How EasyMarkit became Intiveo

February 28, 2020, 09:00 ET

Easymarkit becomes Intiveo

We’ve got a new look!

At Intiveo, we try to follow a variation of the golden rule: Treat patients how they want to be treated. It doesn’t feel like it should be that revolutionary of an idea in healthcare- and yet the current disaffected state of people on the receiving end of treatment indicates that when it comes to “customer satisfaction”, our healthcare industries are falling very short. That’s where we’re excited to be stepping in.

Let’s start with why we decided to refresh our brand from EasyMarkit to Intiveo. In 2010, we established EasyMarkit as a premier solution to help Dental Professionals market to their patients through automated and customizable communication tools. With a decade of business under our belts and over 14,000 providers on our platform, we’ve emerged as a trusted leader in patient communication software. But as we set our sights on a vision for the future of patient relationship management, the premise of just being a behind-the-scenes marketing partner fell short.

And that’s where the transition to Intiveo comes in. Our vision for the next decade is to become not just an excellent provider of patient communication software but to be an advocating force for patients being treated how they want to be treated. In tandem with the promise of intuitive and seamless communication with their care providers, we see our platform coming out from behind the scenes and becoming a front-and-center resource for patients to take more control over their care and treatments. The aspirational vision embodied by Intiveo better reflects the goals that we have for the future of the brand.

In the future, Intiveo fits into the patient’s world by giving them the communication tools and resources that make them feel more comfortable and equipped to understand and manage the progression of their care. We know that everyone feels more comfortable when they are well-informed, and also better equipped to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Intiveo is not just the bridge between care providers and patients, but a suite of resources for both parties to ensure more successful outcomes.

A final note: So, where does “Intiveo” come from? Well, we wanted a name for our brand that better reflected our vision for the future. Something that felt professional and relevant to the healthcare field, rather than “marketing focused”. We came to the name Intiveo as an identity that exudes positivity, a tech-focus, quality, and professionalism. The Int in Intiveo is tied to sentiments that we want our platform to incite: It’s Intuitiveinterconnected, and intelligentThe Veo stems from a Latin root meaning: to bring together, to make stronger, to connect. The name Intiveo ultimately speaks to our goal of bringing healthcare providers and patients together for stronger relationships and improved outcomes.

Josh Devries, Intiveo CEO