5 Proven Benefits of Patient Communication Software

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Have you ever considered investing in patient communication software for your dental practice? 

Whether you run a General Practice, OMS, Periodontic, Orthodontic, or Pediatric Dentistry, patient communication is essential to your practice’s overall growth and financial success.

With so many different approaches to patient communication and varying options in the market, it can be difficult to determine which solution would work best. With that in mind, we took some time to compile a list of the top 5 proven benefits of patient communication software and the specific tools you need to achieve them. 

Without further ado, let’s see how! 

Better Patient Engagement

Did you know that education is one of the best ways to improve patient engagement rates? 

Over the years, an increasing number of patients have become more interested in learning about their condition and treatment plans more thoroughly. Luckily, automated technology is here to help. 

For instance, a patient booked for a wisdom tooth extraction might want more information about how it works or how it can affect their life. A patient communication software built for OMS procedures can send out educational content that will teach them how wisdom tooth extraction works, what to expect the following weeks post-operative, and what medications they should take – all without overwhelming the patients with too much information at once. If patients have any further questions, they don’t have to spend all day on hold; instead, they can reach out to staff via a two-way chat, ultimately improving their peace of mind. 

Automating pre- and post-operative instructions with added educational content might not be a big deal for dental care providers, but for the thousands of patients who struggle with dental anxiety, a little bit of understanding from staff and some patient education can be seen as going above and beyond.


Increase Your Confirmation Rates

Were you aware that missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare industry over $150 billion annually? With automated appointment reminders, missed appointments are a thing of the past. Patient communication software allows you to support patients with appointment reminders, increasing confirmation rates by tenfold.

GRAFT Periodontics is an excellent example of a patient communication software success story. Since opening day, staff at GRAFT faced some challenges in handling appointment reminders manually. After implementing Intiveo’s software, they were able to automate appointment reminders via text, e-mail, or voice and immediately saw an 80% increase in appointment confirmation rates. 

Appointment reminders have never been easier. 

Say Good-Bye To Incomplete Forms! 

Let’s face it, most people would prefer to do anything other than fill out patient forms. They tend to be time-consuming and as a result, patients put off completing them until absolutely necessary – or forget about them altogether. 

One of the biggest benefits of patient communication software is the increase in form completion rates. Now, dental practices have the ability to send patient intake forms and gather all the required information before appointments. This would allow patients more time to complete digital forms in the comfort of their own homes – without the pressure of a check-in lineup forming behind them at the dentist. 

Time Savings

Some would say that time is the most valuable resource because you can’t get it back. 

Administrative staff at dental practices spend a lot of time on the phone, scheduling appointments, manually completing documents, and communicating with everyone in between. It’s not an uncommon sight for dental staff to spend more time completing administrative tasks than having genuine interactions with patients. Not only that, such a workload can be a huge burden on staff members, who may feel as though they’re constantly behind. 

How do we make this easier for them? 

Patient communication software was specifically designed to streamline all dental communication processes and reduce the number of manual tasks your team needs to complete. Instead of spending hours attempting to reach patients or being sent to voicemail, the software gives you the freedom to communicate with patients in a way that’s most meaningful to them. 

As a bonus, providing software necessary for administrative staff to succeed in their careers can actually reduce staff turnover rates. As it turns out, heavy workloads and boredom were among the top five causes of high employee turnovers, and can easily be avoided by streamlining communication tasks.  

Turn Negatives Into Positives 

When it comes to patient satisfaction, the goal is to build a relationship with your patients so that you can better care for them. With the help of patient communication software, it’s easier than ever to do just that. 

For example, patient communication software can help your practice request feedback and send quality improvement surveys after each appointment. A valid question to ask is, why is patient feedback important? Come take a look: 

With the help of Intiveo’s reputation management feature, the staff at Conestoga Oral Surgery saw a 200 percent increase in patient reviews compared to a total of 50 previously. When patients are provided with a space where they can share their thoughts, positive experiences can turn into helpful online reviews and build trust with future patients. 

As for negative feedback? Don’t panic, because they’re not as destructive as they seem. Negative feedback can give you an extra opportunity to engage with unsatisfied patients in a way that humanizes your dental practice. In fact, future reviewers are more likely to leave polite feedback when they see an establishment being proactive in responding to reviews. 

We Want To Help

With the help of patient communication software, dental practices can expect to see improved patient engagement, an increase in confirmation rates, higher form completion rates, significant time savings, more positive online reviews, and consistent patient communication across various locations. 

Intiveo’s software can help your dental practice set a new standard of care. Invest in patient communication software and see how we can deliver the best possible experiences for your patients.

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