A Day in the Life

Intiveo multiple doctors stand in dental office

Running a specialty dental practice is no easy task. Whether you are the office manager, secretary, hygienist, or the head dentist, everyone has their fair share of work to do on any given day. But what does a typical day look like for a dental practice?


A Day in the Life of a Typical Dental Practice

What a day looks like for a practice depends on what kind of practice they are. Specialty practices will have surgical procedures whereas general dentists will focus more on cleanings, but overall the shape of the day is similar. 

For a typical practice, a day might consist of a few appointments – surgeries, post-op follow ups and a handful of consultations. The practicing doctor has a tough job but it is very important and rewarding. The dentist or surgeon will then have to spend time booking recalls with their patients. 

On the administrative side, the staff has to coordinate the patients and make sure they remember to show up for their appointment. Their day consists of a lot of time spent on the phone, confirming patient appointments, and talking about pre-appointment instructions. Without this vital task, the practice could not function and it is a lot of work.

What if there was a way to make that work easier so you could spend more time on patient care?


A Day In The Life of An Intiveo Powered Practice

For a practice that uses Intiveo as their patient communication software, a typical day can look similar on the surface, but it has a few key changes that make all the difference. 

With the automation that Intiveo can provide, the staff no longer needs to spend much time on the phone trying to call patients. Instead, they are able to send out an automated text, email, or phone message that reminds the patient of their upcoming appointment and any instructions they need to be aware of. 

With this time saved, often up to two hours per day, the administrative staff is now able to spend more of their day focusing on the actual patient experience in their practice. 

Meanwhile, in the surgeon’s office, the surgeon is easily able to book a recall appointment and follow-up with the patient whose surgery they’ve just finished. Now the patient can feel confident that they are getting the care they deserve. Plus, the surgeon is able to have a clear and accurate schedule so they can be prepared for future appointments. Intiveo is a win for everyone! 

Once the patient has completed their appointment, the practice staff can send them a simple post-appointment message confirming future appointments, giving care instructions, and asking for a review on social media. 


The Intiveo Advantage

Using Intiveo provides you and your staff with a clear advantage. When you are able to automate tasks, it makes your day easier. More time can be spent on patient care instead of making phone calls to try and confirm appointments. 

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