When Is a Practice Ready to Start Using a Patient Communication Software?

Intiveo receptionist and patient talk and desk

When a practice is just starting out and trying to get established, they might not think about getting a patient communication software (PCS) right away. And truth be told, they might not need it – after all, a PCS is meant to help keep track of your patients and their appointment schedules. If you don’t have many patients yet, it is easy to manage their communication.

At some point though, your practice will start growing. You’ll have more patients and more staff, which means your office will need some way to keep everything more organized. Then you will need to start thinking about patient communication software to make the office more efficient. 


Patient Growth

At what point do you need to start thinking about having a PCS installed? There is never a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on your staff and how your office is run. However, it is good to make sure you get ahead of your patient growth. When you start noticing that your staff is spending an increasing amount of time on the phones trying to call patients, that is a good sign you might need a PCS to help them out. 

You don’t want your patients, especially your long-time ones, feeling like they don’t matter as much to you, simply because you had trouble keeping up with your growth as a practice. If you have a good PCS, you’ll be able to manage their communication more easily. 


Expanding Your Office

Many dental practices find that they start needing a patient communication software when they grow to include a second location. Growing to a second (or more) location means more staff and more patients means you need a better way to coordinate it all. When you expand to take on more patients, it is not unusual for disorganization to set in. A good PCS will help you run all your offices efficiently and give your patients the care they deserve.


How Do You Prepare For a PCS?

When you decide to install a PCS, what are the steps you need to take? 

The first step is to find the one that suits your needs. Do you need one that allows you to manage your online reputation? How about one that makes referrals an easy process?

Once you have decided to go with one, you’ll need to make sure you and your staff are trained with the software. A good PCS will integrate directly with your practice management software, so as long as you have one that you know well, it will make it simple to learn a new system.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure your patients know the change. Given that a PCS would make their lives easier, they should be on board with the new method of communication! 


Intiveo Is What You Need

When you are looking for a good patient communication software, Intiveo provides you with everything you need. When your practice starts growing, our software allows you to automate many of the tasks that you previously did manually. No more spending hours per day on the phone confirming appointments – now you can automate those messages to send via text, email, or phone! 

You can also manage your online reputation, a big part of running a practice, with our Social Reviews add-on, which allows you to request reviews from patients when they leave your office. 

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