What Would You Do With The Saved Time?

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In a world where time is money, everyone is constantly looking for ways to save time. It seems like everywhere you look, people are trying to find ways to be more efficient. 

It is difficult for dental practices to create these time-savings due to the level of commitment required for patient care. But, let’s imagine that you are able to save an extra hour per day. Instead of spending hours on the phone calling patients, you’re able to spend that time elsewhere. What could you do with that extra time? 

Spend More Time With Each Patient

As a dental practice, your main priority is your patients. So, when you find ways to save time, the first thought should be to put more time into each patient. 

Every patient is different. They have different needs and requirements for how you treat and communicate with them. Patients remember practices that treat them better. If you provide them with a more personalized care routine, they will feel better and you’ll be able to turn more patients into long-term customers. 

Complete Other Tasks

Admin tasks are never-ending. It can feel like there are constantly new items on the to-do list and it seems like there is never enough time in the day to do it all.

But, if you were able to save a bit of time elsewhere, perhaps you could make progress on your list. If you save some time on phone calls, you might be able to spend that time on creating a better atmosphere in your office. Or you could get ahead on bookkeeping. Maybe even double-check the schedule so you can be even better prepared for that surgery coming up tomorrow. 

The possibilities are endless and the world is your oyster! 

Take Some Time For Yourself

When talking about saving time, we cannot ignore the option of just taking a little extra time for yourself. It is important to let yourself have time to relax to avoid fatigue and burnout. We have talked about staff burnout in the past and how it can be detrimental to your practice. 

Whether it is taking a few extra minutes to enjoy the sunshine outside while you drink your coffee, taking regular breaks on time, or just letting yourself relax at your desk for a moment, letting yourself have that extra time is vital. It allows you to be more refreshed and productive at work. Never forget to treat yourself a little bit.

How To Save More Time

How do you, as an office manager for a dental practice, find ways to save time without cutting corners on operations? Automation, of course!

Using the right tools, you can automate many administrative tasks that take up your time. Find a good patient communication software that can help you with your work and you’ll save hours per day. 

Where can you find this kind of software? Well, we have an idea.

Save Time With Intiveo

Intiveo are experts in the field of saving you time! We provide dental practices everywhere with a flexible patient communication software that is purpose-built for you. 

With our help, you can save hours per day! Instead of spending that time on the phones chasing confirmations from your patients, you can set up your system to send a simple text, email, or phone reminder. 

Ready to start saving hours of time per day? Then contact us and book a consultation today!